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sharonsunnyday 4 months ago
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It’s been a busy few days here on the blog. My post from last Nike Air Max 97 Femme Friday – ASICS versus Zero Drop, Maximalist versus Minimalist – sparked quite a bit of fruitful discussion, and I highly recommend you take a look at the post and the ensuing discussion in the comments (if you have a few hours to spare!). I have a lot of posts brewing in my head to further this discussion and better explain my position, but wanted to share a little story first.My running has been going very well lately. From a pacing standpoint, I’ve been running a lot faster on Adidas ZX 700 Femme my training runs than I have for quite some time, and in general have been feeling great. I set out on Sunday to run a 10 miler – beautiful day, and fully expected the experience to be a good one. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that something just wasn’t right. There was no pain, no aches, nothing that really stood out at all. It’s just that the amount of effort that I was putting out to maintain what was a more than reasonable pace for me was off the charts. I even had to stop mid-run to allow my body to recuperate a bit.I got home after the run and was pretty disappointed. I hadn’t put up double-digit mileage in awhile, and I was worried that I had lost some of my endurance, despite my strong times at shorter distances. For a runner who is highly self-competitive, these things can wreak havoc on the psyche.Fast Nike Air Max 270 Womens forward about 36 hours. I woke up on Tuesday morning knowing that all was not well with my body. My throat hurt, and I could tell that a fever was building. By mid-day I was flat on the couch, and for the next 22 hours I barely moved, fighting off a throbbing headache, a 104 degree temperature, disorientation, and out-and-out delirium. As I suspected, it looks like I have another case of strep. Joy.What’s the point of me writing this? Simply the fact that sometimes when a run goes Nike Air Max 270 Femme bad, there are reasons besides poor training or loss of fitness that are the explanation. I’ve actually come to realize that how I feel on a run can be a great indicator of my well-being, and on more than one occasion a bad run has been followed a few days later by an illness. I’m also glad that I took the cue from my body and didn’t try to push through Nike Air Max 270 Femme another run on Monday. It seems like a common refrain these days, but it’s worth repeating – the human body is wise, and sometimes it’s equally wise for we runners stand up (or crash on the couch) and listen to it!I’ve been following with interest a spirited debate that is taking place over on my friend Bill Katovsky’s Zero Drop blog. Like me, Bill is an advocate for greater variety in shoe choice, and his approach on his blog is to poke fun at the status quo in addition to providing Nike Air Max 95 Dames the occasional shoe review. He also has published a number of interesting guest posts – his blog is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it already.Anyway, yesterday he posted a comment by ASICS head of research Simon Bartold in which he essentially refers to the minimalist running movement as “nonsense,” and says this about ASICS future running Nike Air Max 95 Dam shoe plans:“We (ASICS) are now working on a training shoe that is less structure and lightweight, but still offering stability and holding true to a rearfoot srike pattern design. I have based this on the premise that, no matter what is being said about technical running footwear, there is no evidence that it really ‘aint broken, so we will tweak, but no need to fix. The minimalist movement works on the premise that by reducing heel height, i.e. the overall gradient, by maybe 6 mm, Nike Air Vapormax Dames it induces a midfoot or even forefoot strike pattern. I have not been able to identify one single piece of credible evidence to support this.. so.. we will stick to our guns. Once more the ether is thick with unsupportable nonsense. pose, chi, toning, barefoot, minimalist….when will it end?”
zakbowden1 85 days ago
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