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One of the most common claims made by minimalist and barefoot runners (myself included) is that running in minimalist shoes (or barefoot) can be an effective tool for strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs. The idea is that constrictive, Nike Air Presto Womens stiff, and overly cushioned modern footwear brace the foot, alter our natural biomechanics, and limit the ability of the foot and leg muscles to Nike Air Max 90 Hombre function naturally. As a result, these muscles get weak.One of the first things I noticed when I began my own journey into minimalist running about two years ago was that my feet felt different. My first minimalist shoe was the Nike Free 3.0, and I can distinctly remember how I felt that the shoes were working my legs differently, and I had a sensation of “fullness” in my feet that I had never felt before (I can’t think of proper words to describe the feeling…). I knew something was happening, but I really wasn’t sure what it was. Jump ahead two Nike Air Max 95 Mens years and I’m now quite certain that my feet have changed shape. I have no “before” pictures that I can compare to, but I find that shoes that www.jamlikhalsavast.se used to fit me comfortably are now constricting and narrow, and if I had measurements, I’d guess that my forefoot is now wider than it used to be. No proof, but I believe this to be the case. I also feel like my big toe has migrated a bit medially, as if it were trying to create some additional space between itself and its smaller brethren.All of this led me to begin doing some research to see just what we know about whether running in minimalist shoes can actually strengthen our feet and legs. It makes perfect sense, but the scientist in me wanted to see some data.It’s fairly well established that living a shod life can alter the anatomy and function of our feet. For example, earlier today Nike Air Max 97 Womens I read a fascinating study by a group of European researchers (D’Aout et al., 2009) in which they traveled to southern India and made anatomical Nike Air Max 90 Mujer measurements of the feet of habitually shod and habitually unshod individuals. They also took measurements from a group of Belgians for comparative purposes, since even the typically shod Indians wear mostly non-constrictive shoes like sandals (they also typically go barefoot as children). In addition to the foot examination, they had each individual walk over a pressure mat to examine how pressure is applied to the sole of the foot during normal walking.What the researchers found was that the habitually unshod group had the widest feet, and both groups of Indians had longer feet when corrected for overall body size than the Belgians. In other words, the Belgians had short, scrawny Nike Air Max 97 Donne feet compared to the Indians (take a look at Figure 3 from the D’Aout paper if you want to see what normal human feet that have not been deformed Nike Air Max 2017 Femme by footwear should look like). When they looked at plantar pressure distributions during walking, they found that the habitually barefoot group used more of the foot surface to disperse pressure (particularly in the region of the midfoot), whereas the Belgians tended to exhibit stronger and more localized pressure peaks under the heel and under the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal heads. The authors conclude their abstract with the following:“The evolutionary history of humans shows that barefoot walking is the biologically natural situation. The use of footwear remains necessary, especially on unnatural substrates, in athletics, and in some pathologies, but current data suggests that footwear Adidas Ultra Boost Dam that fails to respect natural foot shape and function will ultimately alter the morphology and the biomechanical behaviour of the foot.”we suggest Nike Air Max 95 Dames that walking and training barefoot or (if the substrate does not allow) using shoes that allow the foot to function as closely as possible as in the barefoot condition, could lead to performance benefits for athletes. Such performance benefits can be achieved, for instance, by increased muscular performance (as found by Potthast et al. 2005 when wearing minimal shoes) or as a result of potentially lower injury rates due to smaller peak pressures
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