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DHAKA Shaq Thompson Panthers Jersey , Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka continued winning streak as it clinched a two-wicket victory over India on Friday at the Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium at Fatullah on the outskirts of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka.

Batting first, India scored 264 runs for nine wickets in the fourth match of the 12th Asia Cup one-day cricket tournament.

Riding on 103 runs from KC Sangakkara, Sri Lanka chased down the target in 49.2 over with two-wickets in hand.

MDKJ Perera and HDRL Thirimanne contributed 64 runs and 38 runs respectively to steer their side to victory over India.

BAW Mendis picked up four wickets while SMSM Senanayake grabbed three wickets to keep things tight for Indian batsmen.

S Dhawan scored highest 44 runs for India.

Mohammed Shami and RA Jadeja grabbed three wickets each while R Ashwin got two wickets but their efforts were not enough to stop Sri Lanka which started its Asia Cup campaign with a 12-run win over defending champions Pakistan in the first match of the tournament.

In the second match of the tournament James Bradberry Panthers Jersey , India defeated hosts Bangladesh by six wickets on Wednesday.

Bangladesh will now face tournament-debutants Afghanistan Saturday to stay alive in the Asia Cup after suffering the opening defeat.

Pakistan Thursday defeated Afghanistan by 72 runs in the third match of the five-way battle for regional supremacy which are being fought among four Test-playing nations -- Bangladesh, India, Pakistan Taylor Moton Panthers Jersey , Sri Lanka and an ICC (International Cricket Council) associate Afghanistan.

All the five teams will play four matches each and will be rewarded 4 points for victory and 2 points for tie or no result.

After the preliminary round, the two teams with the maximum points will qualify for the final.

The 2012 Asia Cup was the 11th edition of the tournament that was also held in Bangladesh. Pakistan won the tournament by beating Bangladesh in the final by 2 runs.

Losing A Few Pounds Could Be A Little Easier Should You Adhere To These Suggestions With obesity in the current world growing every day, most of the population is overweight. For many people it is not entirely their own fault. When was the last time you had the opportunity to enjoy a good meal prepared at your home? Individuals are most often to busy to be able to have a seat for a meal. Instead they grab something from a road side stand or perhaps a fast food joint and scarf it down on their way to work Christian McCaffrey Panthers Jersey , or to a conference.

Of course you might be in the other group that in fact have the time to eat healthier but rather buy all the unhealthy foods because it's simpler. You can find those people who aren't able to find any time throughout the day to eat and wind up eating just before bed. If you look at your diet and the times you eat you will see that all these seemingly harmless things are leading to your excess fat issue. One thing that you can do to begin dropping the unwanted weight would be to stop doing those items detailed above. In this post we will cover a couple of things you can do to drop some weight.

Some people don't get moving in the morning hours and have to omit breakfast, this is a huge mistake. You ought to get your metabolism running as soon as you can after you wake up, and enjoying breakfast does that. Whenever you eat breakfast your metabolism will kick in because it now has food to be able to process. This doesn't mean to have 10 waffles coated in syrup every day. Just something little like a couple of eggs or even a grapefruit. This little change on its own can certainly enable you to lose weight.

Before leaving your house in the morning be sure to grab some healthy things which you can eat during the day. Come mid-morning lots of people visit the vending machine because they're hungry. Simply by taking foods with you to snack on throughout the day you may not be tempted to get all that junk food. I am aware that men and women need to have those between meal snacks C.J. Anderson Black Jersey , however when you eat healthy snacks you will notice that you can still shed the pounds you need to.

Try to pack a healthy lunch to take to work with you instead of going out to eat daily. This might surprise you but healthy food does not originate from a drive up window. And for dinner time stay at home and have a nice meal.

An element that everyone is guilty of is actually cooking enough food for an army, you need to stop that. Having extra food around may also be contributing to your issue. Any time you finish your dinner and your still hungry, you are going to return for seconds. But if you only prepare enough food for just one plate Da'Norris Searcy Black Jersey , there will be no seconds to go back for. So when your done eating the quantity you ought to eat, but you continue to want more, you will need to start making more food. Typically you are going to just be satisfied with what you ate as opposed to cooking again.

Lastly Jarius Wright Black Jersey , try eating throughout the day. It doesn't mean to grab a big mac, I am referring to something nourishing. This will help keep your entire bodies metabolism operating. Simply by cutting back on the quantity of food you eat and also by eating small portions during the day your stomach will probably shrink, making you be full on a smaller amount of food. These are fundamental guidelines to help keep you on your path when losing weight.

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 The Omega Constellation Sedna features a case crafted in 18k Sedna gold, an alloy developed Tag Heuer Replica entirely in-house by the Swatch Group, which blends gold, copper and palladium for, Omega says, an uncommonly long-lasting Omega Replica reddish hue. The alloy requires a minimum gold content of 75 percent, along with Omega Replicas a precise portion of copper, to create the vibrant red color, while the palladium strengthens Replica breitling watches the material’s luster and makes it longer-lasting. “Sedna” is the name of a Trans-Neptunian object — i.e, a body in space that orbits our sun at a greater average distance than the planet Rolex Replica Neptune — whose surface has been described as one of the reddest in the Solar System.

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