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Generally, fixed crusher is a type of equipment breaking material like ore, granite, gold mine, construction waste and so on, mainly used in metallurgy, chemistry, and mineral industries. There are a variety of fixed crushers in Hongxing company, such as jaw crusher machine, cylinder hydraulic cone crushers(also called gyratory crusher), impact rock crushers, etc.

A fixed crusher is a crushing equipment which cannot move down the road. In order to guarantee its performance and best safety in operation as well as preventing it from inclining, pile driving is a must-have. Additionally, some wearing parts of a fixed crusher will be worn off during crushing processing, which could be effectively avoided if there is a pile driven prepared in advance. And Pile driving could keep down the noise and dust produced from an operating fixed crusher to the minimal level as well.As far as installing a common fixed crusher is concerned, it's indispensable to take whether the operation site, environment and construction infrastructure could cooperate into consideration in advance. For example, if an open pit mining is about to be launched, what should be taken into account before driving a pile? For example, whether the operation terrain is flat, where the environment is green and be of safety, and where it's feasible to prepare some power supply facilities around. (Analysis of power investment is illustrated later in the chapter of 'Portable Rock Crusher')

-Factories influencing the price of a fixed crusher

How much is a fixed crusher? This depends on its capacity, model, performance and manufacturer.

Product: fixed crusher is a kind of versatile crushing equipment with large series of models. And different models are sold for different price. The more premium and larger a fixed crusher is, the more cost it will spend. Thus it's wise to figure out the exact requirements on end products and the features of raw material needing crushing before purchasing a fixed crushing machine.

Supplier: other than retailers who are dedicated to supplying crushing equipment, almost small-scale and large-scale manufacturers also join the big party to make profits out of, which indicates that different choices on suppliers will definitely lead to different prices of a same fixed crusher.

Market: to some degree, market always regulates the price of any kind of commodities through the demand and supply rule, so is the fixed crusher. When the demand on fixed crusher is greater than its supply, an obvious increase in the price will be noticed soon, and vice versa. In addition, it's surely true that a certain fixed crusher isn't sold for the same price in developed countries as that in the developing.

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