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Just a quick note to wish Adidas Superstar Mujer everybody a happy holiday season, and to thank you all for a great year! Looking forward to another fun and exciting year in 2019Though I am personally an advocate, I’ve done Nike Air Max 90 Mujermy best to keep an open mind about the benefits and pitfalls of stride change and migrating to a more minimalist style shoe. I realize that there is not a lot of evidence out there supporting a change, nor is there much evidence supporting maintenance of the status quo given existing injury rates.My basic position is that the decision is an individual one, to be made by each runner after weighing their current situation and the potential pros and cons of a change. For many, it is simply a matter of taking a leap of faith. While I don’t necessarily think that every runner has to strive to run only in an ultra-minimal shoe and a Nike Air Max 90 Femme migrate to a midfoot strike (and the Nike Air Max Thea Femme other stride changes this entails), I have become a believer that doing so has the power to allow at least some subset of people to overcome nagging injuries and run Adidas Ultra Boost Damen pain-free. How big this subset will prove to be is yet to be determined, but anecdotes that I read and emails that I receive have convinced me that form change and more minimal shoe choice is worth a shot if your current approach appears to not be working.As an example of this, I’d like to share an email I received a few weeks ago from a runner named Bob C. Bob’s story is a great one, because it shows how someone can find new running success by Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme changing shoes and form, how overdoing the transition can cause problems in and of itself (as he readily admits, one must be more gradual and careful in transition than he was), and how he www.charleedrew.co.uk is frustrated by the lack of an ideal shoe to meet his needs.If Bob’s story is similar to your own, please send me an email or share it in the comments. The more stories that we can tell about how people Nike Air VaporMax Mujer have overcome injury and run pain free by changing shoes and form the better, and the stronger case that can be made for the approach. Furthermore, we still need to continue to push education about how to transition carefully so that people like Bob don’t get hurt in the process.It’s been 4 weeks since I broke a 2nd metatarsal running on hard surfaces in my racing flats.  I got my flats in early September in preparation for my first-ever Olympic-Nike Air Max 270 Herr distance triathlon (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run).  The shoes (Saucony Kilkenny – see picture at top of post) gave me the Winged Feet of Mercury, immediately slicing 30 seconds per www.domoreso.fr mile from my 4 mile training runs, taking me to a 9:00 PR pace for the distance (with rolling hills).My last prior 10K was nearly 25 years ago (I’m now 54).  I stopped running when the pain in all my leg joints didn’t go away for days after even mild training runs.  I was a hard heel-striker then, with flat feet, skinny weak ankles, and slightly bowed legs.  Getting into triathlon 2 years ago meant I needed to find a new way to run.
First I went with shoes that would keep the road as far from my legs as possible (Mizuno Wave Creation 10), which made a return to light running possible.  But I was physically unable to go much faster than a fast jog.  I added Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose orthotics, which helped a little.  Then I got knee pain (chondromalacia caused by ITB Syndrome), and I searched for a new stride.  I then read about POSE and Chi Running, adopted Nike Air Max 90 Womens a mid-sole strike, and 3 months later my PRs started to improve, though they soon topped out again.Then in August of 2009 I lost my L5-S1 disc: It simply degenerated away, leaving no padding and lots of pain behind.  Since I had by then become addicted to each of the triathlon sports, I refused the offered spinal fusion surgery and endured months of physical therapy to learn how to live with a damaged back.  And in February of this year I became a forefoot runner: Any significant heel contact would cause intense pain at the site of my degenerated disc, so I had no alternative, since I refused to give up running (and triathlon).

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