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It bundled me and tried to escape, but it was drowning in the ocean of a mess. People have insects in their hearts, letting the insects hurt in the heart. I saw it constantly bending my body and constantly moving forward. That kind of appearance, some make me evil. In the dim light, I watched it leave its footprint step by step on a heart that had already solidified blood. This is an animal that has not been completely suffocated. Its heart is still beating, but not much, it has been a little laborious. I don't know where the sudden mottled blood came from. In the confusion, I saw a small hook on the foot Online Cigarettes. It turned out that one step at a time, a piece of blood, is the culprit. I seem to see that the heart is shaking. Perhaps it is because of pain, perhaps, still doing the last struggle before dying. Only, everyone knows that this is just in vain. I spit it and spit it out. I know that this is detrimental to the city, but it is really unbearable. I saw it swaying the fat body and seemed to be showing off. I tried to restrain my emotions, and my hands were gradually getting bleeding because of my struggle. It should be the last day. Such a day, facing one such thing. Perhaps, I should give me a knife directly and cut off the artery, so that I will end up like this. However, it did not do so. Perhaps, it already has a person's thinking, knowing that pushing people to the road to make themselves mentally collapse is not a direct knife. It seems that it is not something that is troublesome. Its body keeps appearing in my mind, the soft obesity, the countless body festivals, the countless steps that make me wonder how it should store it. Body? Why, why not step on yourself? Suddenly I felt that I was a bit heavy Marlboro Red, thinking about it in my mind. However, in an instant, it appeared in front of my eyes, as if I knew that it was in my mind at the moment. I saw it screaming at me evil, then the back began to split. Its facial expression is awkward, I can't help but laugh. It looked at me with resentment and looked at me Newport Cigarettes. The two gray things are slowly coming out from the cracked place. Little by little, it seems to still sense the temperature of the world. Then cheerfully expose all of your body. I can't believe my eyes. Actually, it is a pair of wings. I seem to have heard the sound that it left in my mind. It laughed at my ignorance and laughed at my sluggish eyes. Then I saw it patted the wings and flew to the sky. I saw it in my eyes, my look. I never knew that this kind of thing would grow wings, and it was not the transformation of caterpillars to butterflies. It lingered over me, it seems that I was watching me. The sky in the distance is suddenly gray. It��s a storm coming. But for me, this dying person is not afraid. The wind began to scream. The leaves that are still green on the tree are torn apart. I seem to see their frowning brows, the corners of the mouth that are cracked by the pain, and the blood that slowly drops from the wound, one drop, two drops, dripping On the ground, the soil was bounced and a deep pit was stirred up. It struggled to flap the wings and tried to grasp what was fixed with the hooks on the feet. I saw that I was laughing in the crack. My eyes are bloodthirsty. I seem to know what the end is. Perhaps it��s good to be with them all together. The most central part of the storm is the end of my life. I dragged my heavy chain and stepped forward step by step. The blood in your hand has solidified, and some are shocking. I can't feel the pain at the moment, I only know that the end point is calling me home. I am step by step, devout like a believer. It looked at me with fear. My appearance seems to be being hypnotized. A bright light, can't open your eyes. Full of white. When the eyes were opened, the storm had disappeared. And I am not in the field of vision. Everything is back to normal. The flowers are still smashed; the sun, the warmth of it flapping its wings, the world of curiosity. Blowed his eyes and flew away.
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