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I get quite a few questions about running shoes and running gait via e-mail, some of which I can answer, others which I cannot. I try to be open and honest about my limitations in answering questions, and if a question extends beyond Nike Air Max 270 Donne my range of knowledge or experience, I will say so. Such was the case when a I Nike Air Max 270 Herr received the following question in an email about a week ago from a reader named Angela: “I have a leg length discrepancy (LLD) of 1.3 cm (confirmed by leg length study with x-rays), and my podiatrist wants me to wear a heel lift on the shorter side at all times. I’m able to wear a 5mm lift without much discomfort however it’s starting to hurt my ankle. Is it pointless to wear the 5mm lift while running if I’m landing midfoot? I would like any information you have on LLD and midfoot landing or if you know of anyone running in Newton or other minimal running shoes who have a true LLD and whether or not they wear the lift while running. I just don’t want to ruin my Achilles or cause other injuries since I’m using a lift.”As far as I know, I don’t have a Nike Air Max 90 Uomo leg length leg length discrepancy (I’ve never been tested), nor have I spoken Nike Air Max 270 Mens to anyone who does firsthand. I offered to post Angela’s question here on the blog in the hope that somebody out there might be able to help her out. If you have any experience with Angela’s situation, I encourage you to leave a comment – she would greatly appreciate it!Unfortunately like you I have no familiarity with the appropriate treatment for an individual like Angela with one leg significantly shorter than the other. However, my entirely amateur intuition is to agree with her perspective that a heel lift would indeed make much more difficult consistently landing mid-foot (since her shorter leg with the heel lift would of necessity be more angled to the ground than the other foot.) Accordingly, it seems to me that she should talk to her podiatrist Nike Air Max 90 Damen about an alternative lift/pad that would ideally entirely fill her entire sole from heel to toe so-as to preserve a comparable heel-to-toe drop on both feet (while addressing her doctor’s understandable concern in attempting to prevent all of the adverse compensations).Angela should try the Somnio running shoes. The shoes are customizable using a 3 component system with variable cushioning, varus wedges and different arch heights. With Somnio, she can dense up the midsole of the shorter leg and add more varus to the shorter leg to make up for the LLD. This is more effective than adding a lift due to the smoother transition. Earlier this year I fitted a women who had scoliosis which created a LLD. Her heel lift was uncomfortable. We were able to add 6mm(medical limit) to the shorter leg while adding a 65 durometer to stiffing the www.jamlikhalsavast.se midsole. It wasn’t perfect but she was able to run up to 4-5 days a week. Check them out at I’m beginning to fall behind on my product review obligations, so I thought I’d combine a few into a single post since they are relatively short and easy, and don’t necessarily warrant a full post as do some of my my more in-depth product reviews. In this post I’ll be reviewing three products that were sent to me by manufacturers to try Adidas Superstar Dam out over the past several monthsStuffitts are a simple product with a simple purpose – they dry out wet shoes and make them smell nice. Essentially, Stuffits are little fabric “feet” that are filled with absorbent material and cedar shavings (the cedar is replaceable). You stick them in your shoes after a run, hike, etc., and they absorb moisture from the shoe. They come in different sizes to accommodate different Nike Air VaporMax Damen size feet, and the Stuffitts folks were kind enough to send me a few sizes so that I could use them both in my running shoes and my Vibram Fivefingers (VFF stink can be a big problem!).For a product like the Stuffitts, the key question is simply whether or not they work. My answer is absolutely – I use them frequently (which is the mark of any good product), and usually they can dry my shoes out overnight (I’ve heard that www.matthieugranier.fr balled up newspaper works as well if you’re into cheap alternatives, but haven’t tried that myself). They come with a strap that can connect them together, and often what I do is shove them in the shoes and hang them via the strap on a door handle. As far as odor-control, my shoes smell sharply of cedar after a night inhabited by a Stuffitt. My overflowing running shoe rack is in a central location in my house, and Nike Air Max 90 Damen I haven’t been spoken to about any odor issues by my wife, so perhaps I can give some credit to the Stuffitts for that. All in all, a well-made product that does what it’s advertised to do.

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