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7 quick observations from Titans 20-16 win over Colts

7 quick observations from Titans 20-16 win over Colts

 but they did eventually and got out of Indianapolis with a 20-16 win against the Colts on Sunday.,It took awhile for the Tennessee Titans to get rolling

The slow start by the offense was a little concerning, especially against a bad Colts defense. However, Tennessee’s defense played exceptionally well and kept it in the game despite a pair of Marcus Mariota interceptions that gave the Colts good field position early.

 who had won 11 straight games against the Titans prior to their Week 6 meeting this year.,The Titans had never won a game at Lucas Oil Stadium and hadn’t won in Indianapolis since 2007. They finally broke that streak. It’s the second losing skid they snapped this season against the Colts

The Titans pass rush struggled against the Colts early in their first meeting. That was not the case Sunday. It got after Jacoby Brissett early and often, sacking him twice on the Colts first two series. That trend continued throughout the game. The Titans finished the game with eight sacks, their most in a game since 1985 and one short of the franchise record.

Mariota’s interception-laden season continued in the second quarter. He badly underthrew a pass to Harry Douglas, and Rashaan Melvin undercut it for an interception. He threw another one in the second quarter when Taywan Taylor fell down and the ball was picked off by defensive back Nate Hairston. This is becoming a problem for Mariota, who has now thrown interceptions in four consecutive games.

The Colts cheerleaders have chosen who will represent the team at the 2018 Pro Bowl. The announcement was made at halftime at the game against the Tennessee Titans, and it was made in a special way. Jessica R.'s mother surprised her with the news after they got to perform together on the field. Jessica and her mother stopped by FOX59, along with two Junior Colts cheerleaders and their moms, to talk about the surprise and the experience of performing together.

 Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph repeated Monday that it was "unacceptable" for cornerback Aqib Talib to get ejected from Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders for fighting with wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Talib, meanwhile, said he hopes the NFL considers "how it started" before handing down any potential discipline.

Talib, Crabtree and Raiders guard Gabe Jackson were ejected with 11 minutes, 47 seconds left in the first quarter. Talib and Crabtree were ejected for fighting, and Jackson was ejected for making contact with an official.

Joseph said he addressed the incident at Monday's team meeting.

" Joseph said.,"It's unacceptable; we can't do it

"We can't lose our best corner in a game like that," he continued. "It obviously hurt us down the stretch. I told our guys, if we can defuse those things, we have to defuse them. We can't fall into the trap of getting into a fight that ends up losing one of our best players. We can't do it. It's unacceptable; we can't do it."

Meanwhile, in Oakland,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/brian-orakpo-jersey-cheap]Womens Brian Orakpo Jersey[/url], Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said Monday he had yet to speak with Crabtree.

" Del Rio said.,"I'll see him tomorrow

The coach also said he doesn't anticipate that Crabtree or Jackson will be suspended.

"That's for the league to decide," Del Rio said of Crabtree. "I would hope not. Based on what I saw, I wouldn't think there would be that type of reaction."

 Crabtree blocked Talib during a 5-yard run by Marshawn Lynch. Crabtree kept pushing Talib out of bounds near the Broncos' bench area.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/rishard-matthews-jersey-cheap]Womens Rishard Matthews Jersey[/url],On a second-and-6 play from the Raiders' 24-yard line on Oakland's second possession of the game

 Talib ripped a necklace off Crabtree during the fight.,Talib and Crabtree then exchanged shoves before they threw punches at each other. Talib said Monday that Crabtree threw a punch at him first. As he did in a game last season

Several other players from both teams joined in along the Broncos' sideline. Talib eventually got ahold of Crabtree's helmet, pulling it out of a crowd, and he tossed it toward the stands.

 but it happened,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/ben-jones-jersey-cheap]Womens Ben Jones Jersey[/url],"I came out there to play football on Sunday. I don't really know what he came out there to do. ... He came out here on this extra stuff, so one thing led to another," Talib said Monday. "It's unfortunate. I wish it didn't happen, so just have to move on."

 Talib and Crabtree reignited things in the end zone.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/daquan-jones-jersey-cheap]Womens DaQuan Jones Jersey[/url],After initially being removed from the group

 that was him being extra. That's what he wanted. He didn't want to play that game,"The second half of it could have definitely been defused," Talib said. "That's what I'm disappointed about, the second half of it. The first half,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/wesley-woodyard-jersey-cheap]Womens Wesley Woodyard Jersey[/url], he wanted to come out and wrestle all day."

Asked whether he believed he would be fined or suspended by the league -- or both -- Talib said he hoped the entire incident would be considered.

" Talib said.,"I hope the league sees how it started. ... I didn't come out there to fight or wrestle with him

Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said following the game that Crabtree had punched him in the stomach one play before the fight between Talib and Crabtree. Harris stayed down on the field after the play "because I lost my mind" and then, as he walked off the field, motioned toward the Raiders' bench that Crabtree had punched him.

"I didn't defend Chris. [Crabtree] punched Chris, next play he came and punched me. So he was on his,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/ryan-succop-jersey-cheap]Womens Ryan Succop Jersey[/url], whatever he was on," Talib said.

 but fellow Raiders receiver Cordarrelle Patterson said he was not surprised by the fight.,Crabtree did not address the media

"We all knew it was going to happen," Patterson said. "It was just a matter of time, when. Everybody was ready, prepared for it.

"I don't beef on the football field. I love my money too much. You start fighting, you get fined and get kicked out the next week and losing all that money. I really ain't got time for that, man. So, I just go out there and just try to make friends with everybody."

Del Rio deflected when asked whether, considering the history Crabtree has with Talib, he had spoken with his receiver about keeping his emotions in check before the game.

" Del Rio said. "That's all.","We were all about finding a way to beat the Broncos

 does Del Rio wish he had that conversation?,Looking back

"I'm happy that we executed our game plan," Del Rio said, "and won the game."

Joseph said he wouldn't consider any additional discipline for Talib and would wait to see whether the NFL would hand something down. Talib was suspended for one game in the 2015 season for poking then-Indianapolis Colts tight end Dwayne Allen in the eye.

 because I'm not sure how it all started. And when those things start ... it's a fine line between once it starts,"I'm not sure how it all started," Joseph said. "If the league steps in and they hand something down, that's their decision. Internally? No, not defending yourself.

 but once it happens, but if it does happen, how does a guy not defend himself? Punches are being thrown, helmets are off. I don't want it to happen,"I told our guys I don't want it, you can't blame a man for defending himself," Joseph continued. "I want our guys to simply defuse and walk away. That's what I want."

 the Titans have a real shot at the playoffs,Mariota threw for 184 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions while completing 68 percent of his passes. He may have had a completion rate, but Mariota’s performance against the Colts was subpar. With a 7-4 record on the season, even with Mariota playing below expectations.

The long Rainbow Warrior representative in the NFL, Rigoberto Sanchez had another good outing on Sunday against Mariota’s Titans,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/rishard-matthews-jersey-cheap]Authentic Rishard Matthews Jersey[/url], despite losing 20-16.

 averaging 47 yards per punt including a long of 54 yards. He managed to pin the ball in his opposition’s 20 yard line on one occasion.,Sanchez punted the ball five times

Hawaii Preparatory Academy graduate Max Unger has been an unsung hero this season for the New Orleans Saints offensive line.

 allowing Kamara to gain 188 yards from scrimmage on Sunday in the Saints loss 26-20 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.,He has created running lanes for running backs Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara all season-long

Despite the loss, the Saints running and passing game was still effective,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/ben-jones-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ben Jones Jersey[/url], and Unger and the offensive line deserves credit for their hard work in the trenches.

Tyson Alualu has been a rotation player on the defensive line this season for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but has been effective in a limited role.The former St. Louis Crusader recorded one tackle against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, helping the Steelers win 31-28.

 but former Punahou standout DeForest Buckner has been very effective for the San Francisco 49ers this season.,The box score might tell a different story

 has graded out as one of the highest performing defensive lineman in the league this season,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/daquan-jones-jersey-cheap]Authentic DaQuan Jones Jersey[/url],The 49ers are 1-10 on the season, but nobody expected them to be much good in 2017. Buckner, however, despite only recording one tackle against the Seattle Seahawks yesterday in a 24-13 loss.


 this time after Paxton Lynch suffered a high ankle sprain during a 21-14 loss Sunday to the Oakland Raiders.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/wesley-woodyard-jersey-cheap]Authentic Wesley Woodyard Jersey[/url],The Denver Broncos will change starting quarterbacks for the third time this season

Broncos coach Vance Joseph said Monday that Lynch will miss at least two to four weeks with a right ankle injury. Lynch stayed down after a 1-yard completion to Emmanuel Sanders with just under five minutes remaining in the third quarter. He left the game and wore a walking boot on his right foot/ankle while heading to the team's buses Sunday night.

The injury will put Trevor Siemian back in the starting lineup. Siemian, who won the job in training camp, was benched after the Broncos' Oct. 30 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs for Brock Osweiler. Osweiler was then replaced by Lynch after three starts.

Sunday's game was Lynch's first start of the season. He had missed two months' worth of practice time after injuring his right shoulder in an Oct. 26 preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.

Lynch said Sunday evening he had injured his leg earlier in the game.

 couple plays throughout the game it bothered and I just felt like I could keep playing,"I think I had injured it prior to that,'' Lynch said. "I don't know the exact play,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/ryan-succop-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ryan Succop Jersey[/url], I don't know if it was a sack. ... I think somebody rolled up on it and I didn't think anything of it, keep playing. That play got to the point where it started to scare me a little bit.''

Lynch struggled mightily at times before he left the lineup. He completed 9-of-14 passes for 41 yards with an interception and was sacked four times. The Broncos went three-and-out on seven of their first 10 possessions and trailed 21-0 when Lynch left the game.

 Siemian was 11-of-21 passing for 149 yards and two touchdowns -- seven days after he had been a game-day inactive against the Cincinnati Bengals.,In just over a quarter of work

"I thought Trevor did a great job of being down for a week, being back on the roster,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/avery-williamson-jersey-cheap]Authentic Avery Williamson Jersey[/url],'' Joseph said Monday. "That speaks to Trevor as a person to bounce back through adversity and play a decent football game for us in the fourth quarter.'', getting himself back engaged and playing good football

Given the Broncos (3-8) have five games remaining in the season, Osweiler and Lynch -- on the roster all season., it is possible Lynch could go to injured reserve if they need a roster spot in the coming weeks. The Broncos have carried three quarterbacks -- Siemian

 served as the No. 2 for at least one game and been a game-day inactive for at least one game.,Each of the three quarterbacks has started at least one game