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adeveon Clowney stands up for Bill OBrien after loss to 49ers

adeveon Clowney stands up for Bill OBrien after loss to 49ers

 one which started with high expectations. Three straight 9-7 finishes and a roster brimming with premium talent has crashed to earth in coach Bill O’Brien’s fourth season. It will be his first losing season.,The Texans are mired in the depths of a disappointing 4-9 season

 but one of the few remaining healthy starters will have none of that. Defensive.,Many want to point the finger at the coach

“Bill O’Brien is a good coach, man,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/brandon-scherff-jersey-cheap]Womens Brandon Scherff Jersey[/url],” Clowney said following the game. “Don’t bring him into it. He’s a good coach. You’ve gotta look around the locker room. We ain’t got everybody. Not trying to hold that just because of that, but it is what it is and we got to go with what we got. It isn’t like we haven’t been in games this year with what we got. Because we’ve been in situations to win games, but we haven’t been making enough plays out there on the field.”

Clowney alluded to the injuries being the primary culprit in the losses, and it’s hard to argue. Losing J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, Deshaun Watson, D’Onta Foreman and facing a constant shuffling of backups at wide receiver, cornerback and the offensive line are obstacles any coach would struggle to overcome.

A source told Sporting News that Kevin Tolbert, who had served as the team’s strength and conditioning coach the past three seasons, won’t be returning to the Wolverines’ football program in 2018.

Tolbert had worked under Harbaugh the past nine seasons starting at Stanford University (2009 and 2010) and then the San Francisco 49ers (2011 to 2014). Tolbert followed Harbaugh to Michigan when the latter was named head coach in 2015.

Tolbert had served as the Wolverines’ assistant strength and conditioning coach from 2001 to 2007 before accepting the same position with the Detroit Lions in 2008.

Michigan (8-4) plays its final game of the season January 1 against South Carolina (8-4) in the Outback Bowl in Tampa.

 and Week 15 feels all about the quarterbacks. Most discussions about the NFL usually are.,It's the second week of the Fantasy playoffs in the majority of leagues

 and he's ready to help the Packers make a final playoff push. That's great for Fantasy owners.,You have the good news of Aaron Rodgers coming back from his broken collarbone

And you have the bad news of Carson Wentz being lost for the season after he suffered a torn ACL in Week 14. That's tough to overcome if he's been your starting Fantasy quarterback.

You don’t need money to create a stunning website. You don’t even need design or programming experience.

But you should be able to find a replacement, from guys like Case Keenum and Blake Bortles as quality starting options to Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Foles and Joe Flacco as sleepers. Hopefully these quarterbacks will help you advance to the potential Fantasy championship game in Week 16.

And I like some of those quarterbacks more than guys like Jared Goff, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton and Alex Smith. Those guys could struggle based on their matchups.

There is some concern about Tom Brady this week coming off a bad game in Week 14 at Miami, which should be fun for both passers., but he should be great at Pittsburgh. That should be a shootout with Ben Roethlisberger

You'll also see that I love Dak Prescott this week with his matchup at Oakland. He's set up for a big game as the Cowboys are also fighting for their playoff lives.

 yet Kyle Shanahan’s group is thriving in the part of the season when the deepest teams pull ahead.,The 49ers have been a revelation since Jimmy Garoppolo was named starting quarterback. The Niners are 2-0 and trending in the right direction for the first time in years despite missing several key contributors to season-ending injuries. No team has placed more players on the injured reserve

 but it isn’t a fluke that it coincided with Garoppolo’s arrival.,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/colt-mccoy-jersey-cheap]Authentic Colt McCoy Jersey[/url],A great deal of that is due to Garoppolo’s emergence as a franchise quarterback. Shanahan said it’s not so simple to credit the turnaround on one person alone

” Shanahan said.,“We all played better versus Chicago and yesterday against Houston. I think that’s not a coincidence that leads to quarterback play also

 this isn’t a complete team yet. There are still holes on the roster that turned into painful moments for Garoppolo on Sunday. He was sacked twice and hit several more times.,But

 followed by a match with Jacksonville (best defense in the league) before wrapping up on the road against the Rams (third-most sacks).,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/josh-doctson-jersey-cheap]Authentic Josh Doctson Jersey[/url],Shanahan said he had a feeling it was going to be tougher against the Texans than Garoppolo’s debut in Chicago — and that it’ll be that difficult the rest of the way. The 49ers host Tennessee (fifth-most sacks this season) this Sunday

 by accounting for 147 yards with limited time to throw. He felt the heat on slightly less than half of his dropbacks,If the Niners are going to continue their success, Garoppolo will have to replicate his performance in Houston. He had the second-best week dealing with pressure, also the second most on the week.,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/su_a-cravens-jersey-cheap]Authentic Su'a Cravens Jersey[/url], according to Pro Football Focus

 especially it was a concern going in the last game, especially when you’ve got,“It’s always a concern,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/su_a-cravens-jersey-cheap]Womens Su'a Cravens Jersey[/url], I mean they’ve got a very good defense,” Shanahan said. “… You’ve got to deal with it and you’ve got to figure out ways to help.

You’ve also got to know that it’s going to be part of the game and we’ve got to see how you perform to it.”

 of course. There was that interception that was Garoppolo’s fault. (He just missed Trent Taylor, Shanahan said). But given the circumstances,It wasn’t all perfect,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com]Authentic Nate Sudfeld Jersey[/url], like Jadeveon Clowney regularly bearing down on him, Garoppolo performed admirably.

Shanahan actually liked that he took chances when the pressure was on. He didn’t want him checking down to ensure low sack numbers — because it also ensures low production.

 get rid of it as fast as can be,” Shanahan said. “… You could probably end up saying that we had no sacks and we blocked better,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/nate-sudfeld-jersey-cheap]Womens Nate Sudfeld Jersey[/url],“It would be very easy for a guy to take a quick drop, but we also might have no first downs and no touchdowns to show for it.”

Right tackle Trent Brown is again unsure if he’ll be able to suit up on Sunday, so there’s no guarantee that help is on the way.

It’ll be up to Garoppolo to continue to do what he can to overcome the hand he’s been dealt. In a limited sample size, he’s proved himself able.

During the final minutes of the Minnesota Vikings' 33-16 win over the Cleveland Browns on Oct. 29, defensive end Everson Griffen suffered a foot injury that forced him to miss the Washington game two weeks later.

Griffen revealed Monday that he's battling plantar fasciitis, a condition that triggers pain on the bottom of the heel and is caused by straining the ligament that supports the arch of the foot.

The injury hasn't caused Griffen to slow down. He returned to action in Week 11 against the Rams and has registered three sacks total since the injury -- two against Detroit and one against Carolina. He currently ranks third in the NFL with 13.0 sacks through the first 14 weeks of the season, which is a career high for the eighth-year defensive end.

" Griffen said. "My plantar fasciitis is going to heal after three weeks, I played after three weeks,My foot is only getting better, so it heals over time. I'm just getting better."

 which appears to have the demands of a full-time job. Griffen uses a hyperbaric chamber, acupuncture,One key to bouncing back so quickly is the defensive end's weekly rehabilitation routine, cryotherapy and massages to help his body recover from a game while preparing for the next week.

 Griffen wasted little time in preparing his body for this week's game against the Bengals. He says he started hyperbaric chamber treatments at 5:30 a.m. Monday, followed by cryotherapy and a workout at the Vikings' training facility. After a dip in the hot tub and cold tub,After the Vikings' 31-24 loss to the Panthers, Griffen had a four-hour massage. Later he'll go back into the hyperbaric chamber before meeting with his movement coach this afternoon.

"I try to do everything possible to make sure I can recover faster and (to make) the possibility of injury go down a lot," he said. "Kind of like bulletproofing."

Griffen has played 93 percent of Minnesota's defensive snaps in each of the last three games. With an increased workload, keeping up with the demands of his therapy are necessary for him to play at his best.

"It's part of the game and they pay me big money to play big time," he said.

 I don't feel beat down. I feel like I'm ready to go. I'll be ready Sunday,"I'm a workhorse. I don't feel worn down, even better."

 Shanahan said Witherspoon’s MRI was encouraging,On Monday, revealing just a sprained knee.

” Shanahan said. “We’ll see when he comes in Wednesday to have an idea whether he can practice, be limited,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/colt-mccoy-jersey-cheap]Womens Colt McCoy Jersey[/url],“He’ll be day-to-day, or what his status will be.”

The 23-year old has been instrumental to the 49ers’ success on defense this season. He recorded three tackles on Sunday.

 amid allegations of workplace misconduct, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/josh-doctson-jersey-cheap]Womens Josh Doctson Jersey[/url], announced Sunday night in a letter on the team website that he plans to put the NFL team he founded up for sale after the 2017 season.

The letter came after Sports Illustrated published a story saying the Panthers settled with at least four former employees regarding inappropriate workplace behavior by Richardson.

'' Richardson wrote. "Therefore, I will put the team up for sale at the conclusion of this NFL season. We will not begin the sale process,"I believe that it is time to turn the franchise over to new ownership,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/kendall-fuller-jersey-cheap]Authentic Kendall Fuller Jersey[/url], nor will we entertain any inquiries, until the very last game is played.''

The SI article detailed accusations made against Richardson that include sexual harassment of multiple women and the use of a racial slur toward a scout who has since left the team.

The NFL on Sunday announced that it was taking over the investigation into the allegations that the Panthers announced they were conducting on Friday.

 81, allegedly made verbal comments about women's appearances,Richardson,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com]Womens Kendall Fuller Jersey[/url], inappropriately touched female employees and made advances to women that included asking whether he could shave their legs and for them to give him foot rubs.

Along with the allegation of using a racial slur that led to a settlement with the scout, SI notes comments made by Richardson about black players' appearances and his threat to discipline players who addressed social issues.

According to SI, Richardson and the Panthers reached confidential settlements with complainants that included nondisclosure and non-disparagement clauses. The SI report describes the settlements' value as "significant."

 I’m always nervous about it,“Any time they talk about a knee and stuff,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/brandon-scherff-jersey-cheap]Authentic Brandon Scherff Jersey[/url],” his coach said.