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Ask Terez: The Corporate Champ analyzes Chiefs’ release of Jeremy Maclin

Ask Terez: The Corporate Champ analyzes Chiefs’ release of Jeremy Maclin

Make no mistake about it — on its face,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/vernon-hargreaves-iii-jersey-cheap]Authentic Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey[/url], Michaels superkicking Jannetty through the barber shop window, the Chiefs’ decision to release Jeremy Maclin in a classic Friday evening news dump before a warm summer weekend was the National Football League’s version of Hogan dropping the leg on Savage, and of course, The Rock mocking the people after McMahon ordered a ringside lackey to ring the bell during a sharpshooter.

 Chiefs coach Andy Reid attended Maclin’s wedding,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/noah-spence-jersey-cheap]Authentic Noah Spence Jersey[/url],Just two weeks ago, for goodness’ sake.

So considering Reid’s uncharacteristic heel turn — and yes, but also write the first ever Corporate Mailbag, I’m including his surprising threat to shut down media access over a harmless question about Dee Ford’s absence, or getting his degree,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/roberto-aguayo-jersey-cheap]Authentic Roberto Aguayo Jersey[/url], or anything else of that ilk — this is absolutely the best time for the People’s Champ to not only follow suit and turn heel as well (you’ll see what that entails during my dealings with you all for the foreseeable future), which will be designed to drive traffic, which could have easily been related to Ford attending a wedding, make money and yes, still answer some questions. Begrudgingly.

So let’s see if you jabronis can handle it. Not that I care,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/donovan-smith-jersey-cheap]Womens Donovan Smith Jersey[/url], if you smell what I’m cooking.

But still, unless you cut Maclin to add another big-name player in, a respected veteran with leadership chops whose absence stands to be felt in a very, say, I believe it will be difficult to stand in front of this year’s team and say the goal is to win the Super Bowl when you a.) drafted a quarterback in the first round this year, b.) gave up a first-round pick next year to do it and c.) cut your most consistent receiver,[url=http://www.texansfootballauthentic.com/j.j.-watt-jersey-authentic]Womens J.J. Watt Jersey[/url], the realm of Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, very young receiving room. By the way, guess who are the oldest receivers in the room now? Chris Conley, Albert Wilson and De’Anthony Thomas. They’re all 24 years old. Good times!

By the way, and I believe him when he told me he’s determined to bounce back this year. Barring an A.J. Hawk-like development — remember when Hawk was released in 2011 and re-signed by the Packers the very next day? — I wouldn’t be surprised if Maclin signs with a team on the Chiefs’ schedule and scores a touchdown against them this year. In fact, I’d bet on that scenario, I’m also not convinced Maclin is done. He looked spry in OTAs to me, largely because the chances of a Maclin return seem to be dampened by the fact Reid and general manager John Dorsey gave him the Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles honorary “Thanks For All You’ve Done” treatment, where they issue nice statements about the player on the team’s web site following his release.

 Smith succeeded in stabilizing a franchise that had been turning over quarterbacks for years. He went 50-26 as a starter and made a couple of Pro Bowl appearances,For all the angst he caused fans by going 1-4 in the playoffs, setting a slew of franchise records in the process.

" Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman said,"Can't say enough about the type of friend and teammate Alex Smith has been since getting to Kansas City, adding "the Sherman family will miss the Smith family."

Yet the Chiefs knew they were going to move on from Smith in part because of the hefty price tag that came with the final year of his contract. And his strong performance last season made Smith a hot commodity with at least five teams along with the Redskins.

They wound up solving more than one problem in the trade with Washington: The Chiefs, got a third-round choice in April; they acquired Kendall Fuller, drained of draft picks by previous trades, one of the league's top slot cornerbacks and a potential starter on the outside opposite Marcus Peters; and they freed up nearly $16 million in salary cap space to make additional moves in free agency.

 along with selections in the later rounds,Kansas City now has a pick in the second round and two in the third, which could be used to address other pressing issues on defense.

Fuller certainly addressed one of them. He was a first-round talent who dropped to the third round coming out of Virginia Tech because of injury concerns, the former Redskins general manager who drafted him in 2016, said on Twitter shortly after news of the trade broke: "I would never have traded Kendall. He can play inside and outside, yet has played to a first-round grade — and stayed healthy — during his first two seasons with in the league. Scot McCloughan, he's high character, young and a football player."

He's also a bargain. Fuller will count $647,000 the next season,500 against the salary cap in 2018 and $750, giving the Chiefs a starting-caliber cornerback at a discount rate.

 such as linebackers Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson. That in turn gives them some financial flexibility to sign some of their young stars to long-term deals — Peters and wide receiver Tyreek Hill,The Chiefs are expected to free up additional cap space by restructuring or moving on from some of their veterans, for example — or pursue help for their shortcomings in free agency.

 linebacker and pass rush remains an issue,They could still use help in the defensive backfield, the offensive line needs additional depth and the wide receiver corps could use another target.

 the younger brother of Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller — doesn’t directly affect the Bears,The major trade — the Chiefs reportedly will receive a 2018 third-round draft pick and third-year cornerback Kendall Fuller, but the quarterback market is always worth monitoring and there is a trickle-down effect that certainly involves those at Halas Hall. Here are five factors to keep in mind:

1. Obviously, it would have likely taken them out of play for a quarterback with their two first-round picks: Nos. 1 and 4. Now, the Bears want as many quarterbacks as possible to come off the draft board in April before they pick at No. 8. The Browns — who hired former Chiefs general manager John Dorsey — reportedly were in the mix to deal for Smith. Had they acquired the veteran quarterback, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins could land in Cleveland as a free agent, and that’s why the situation needs to be followed closely.

2. Don’t forget the Vikings. Case Keenum,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/donovan-smith-jersey-cheap]Authentic Donovan Smith Jersey[/url], Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford are all coming out of contract. The reigning NFC North champions have a playoff-ready defense and plenty of pieces on offense. They seem likely to pursue a quarterback — perhaps one of their own — but would it have stunned anyone if general manager Rick Spielman had pulled the trigger on Smith? How primed the Vikings are to defend their division title next season will be determined in a big way by what they do at quarterback. Could Spielman make a play for Cousins?

3. Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky enters Year 2 of his rookie contract, and if you need a reminder, and the Bears control him at an effective rate through 2021. Teams with a young quarterback performing at an elite level really have an edge because they don’t have to devote lots of salary-cap room to the most important position. The price for experienced quarterbacks is only climbing,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/vernon-hargreaves-iii-jersey-cheap]Womens Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey[/url], Mike Glennon received $18.5 million guaranteed from the Bears less than 10 months ago.

Smith’s contract extension in Washington, is reportedly for four years and $94 million with $71 million guaranteed. We’ll have to see how guaranteed that money is when the details are out. Cousins, represented by Chicago-based agent Mike McCartney, which can’t be signed until March 14, [url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/noah-spence-jersey-cheap]Womens Noah Spence Jersey[/url],could be in line for a payday that averages $25 million per season or more. Acquiring quarterbacks is only getting more expensive,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/ali-marpet-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ali Marpet Jersey[/url], and that’s why it’s paramount to hit on one in the draft.

4. So who could wind up winning the Cousins sweepstakes? Start the list, Bills, in no particular order, Jets, [url=http://www.texansfootballauthentic.com/j.j.-watt-jersey-authentic]Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey[/url],Broncos,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/roberto-aguayo-jersey-cheap]Womens Roberto Aguayo Jersey[/url], with the Browns, Cardinals and Vikings. The Jaguars would be on this list, but there have been reports they will hang on to Blake Bortles.

5. The Smith trade makes Patrick Mahomes the starter in Kansas City. That means the top three quarterbacks from last year’s draft — Trubisky, Mahomes and the Texans’ Deshaun Watson — will be in starting roles. Who will emerge as the top passer?

Travis Kelce felt his phone buzz on Tuesday evening. He answered,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/ali-marpet-jersey-cheap]Womens Ali Marpet Jersey[/url], and his girlfriend gave him the news he secretly feared might be coming.

 Alex Smith,His quarterback, had just been traded to Washington.

” said Kelce,“I still can’t really describe it, the Chiefs’ star tight end who was making the Super Bowl media rounds Wednesday at the Mall of America. “It’s a (bad) feeling.”

Kelce’s desire to see Smith remain a Chief had far more to do with Smith — a man he calls a brother — than his replacement, and in many ways Kelce sees Smith as a major reason he’s not only become a Pro Bowler, rookie Patrick Mahomes. Smith has been Kelce’s quarterback since the tight end’s rookie year in 2013, but also signed a life-changing extension.

Kelce, had come to admire Smith for his intelligence and resilience. Few know how hard is to be taken No. 1 overall, like many Chiefs, be declared a bust and become a Pro Bowl player through sheer force of will, as Smith did.

And while several Chiefs have sang the praises of Mahomes, who is coming off a stellar season in which he set career-highs in passing yards (4, for the last several months many veterans had nice things to say about the 33-year-old Smith,042), touchdowns (26) and passer rating (104.7) while throwing just five interceptions.

“I’ve always been an Alex Smith fan,” inside linebacker Derrick Johnson said Wednesday. “I’ve always stayed true to my word and gave Alex big props, even during the tough stretches throughout the year in KC when he’d have some tough games, man.

“He’s a guy that’s been through a lot, I can do this, I can throw the deep ball, keeps coming back and proving people wrong like ‘No, I can win the game in the fourth quarter,’ ” Johnson added.

Veteran linebacker Tamba Hali came to admire Smith’s — in his words — silent leadership.

” Hali said. “Most of my wins with the Chiefs came with him at the quarterback position. What he’s left behind is just how you should handle yourself at that position,“He knew how to go about each day at work and guided his team to victory after victory, regardless of adversity.”

 and experienced plenty of losing before Smith’s arrival. During Johnson’s tenure,Both Hali and Johnson have been with the Chiefs for 10-plus years, the team’s winning percentage before Smith (37.5 percent) is far worse than the winning percentage since (66 percent).

“He gave us stability, a sense of leadership, confidence,” Johnson explained.

That, of course, Smith was criticized for zealously protecting the football in an effort to avoid turnovers, and early in his career, didn’t keep some from nitpicking certain aspects of Smith’s game — some of which were deserved. Earlier in his tenure, the inability to consistently push the ball downfield and lead a fourth-quarter game-winning drive was, too.

“Look, lead you down the field if you’re down 14 points? No, is Alex a guy who is probably gonna like,” said former NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz, who blocked for Smith in 2013. “But he can win you games in a situation that’s controlled.”

Early in his Chiefs tenure, he improved yearly, Smith did just that. But as his career in Kansas City went on, eventually coalescing into a career year in 2017 in which he led the NFL in passer rating. He will be the first quarterback to lead the league in that category and play for a new team the following season.

Smith also led the league this season with 17 completions on passes thrown at least 30 yards downfield, one more than he completed from 2013 to 2016 combined.