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Bills RB ‘a close call’ for playoff game vs. Jaguars

Bills RB ‘a close call’ for playoff game vs. Jaguars

The Bills running back was carted off early in the third quarter of the Bills' win over the Dolphins in Week 17 after he was wrapped up by Dolphins linebacker Chase Allen on a 3-yard run up the middle. McCoy immediately ripped off his helmet and was pounding the turf at Hard Rock Stadium as trainers ran out to check on him.

Bills coach Sean McDermott said Monday he received the "good news" that X-rays on McCoy's injured right ankle were negative but didn’t offer further details.

Mike Tolbert and Marcus Murphy, who was activated from the practice squad last week, are the only two healthy running backs on Buffalo’s roster.

138 rushing yards on 287 attempts. He scored six touchdowns rushing and two receiving.,McCoy finished the season fourth in the league with 1

 not just a new leader for the Green Bay Packers' defense.,Coach Mike McCarthy will start his offseason searching for coordinators on both sides of the ball

 has been the team's offensive coordinator since before the 2015 season.,Edgar Bennett has been removed from the Packers' offensive coordinator position, whose tenure on the Packers' coaching staff predates McCarthy, a source told the Journal Sentinel. Bennett

The Packers also will be without quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt, whose contract expired at season's end, a source told PackersNews. Van Pelt is expected to pursue an offensive coordinator position outside Green Bay.

Bennett has experience coaching multiple offensive positions for the Packers, most recently wide receivers from 2011-14. A former Packers running back, Bennett also coached the position he played from 2005-10.

As offensive coordinator, Bennett effectively served as McCarthy's top offensive assistant. The Packers' offense belongs to their head coach. It is McCarthy's system, and he is the playcaller.

 it has been a place where McCarthy places his most trusted assistants in the past. ,Regardless

 and quarterbacks coach in '12 and '13.,Indianapolis Colts assistant head coach/offensive line Joe Philbin worked as the Packers' offensive coordinator from 2007-11, the former New York Giants coach fired late in the 2017 season. McAdoo was tight ends coach under McCarthy from 2006-11, and perhaps could be a candidate to replace Bennett if the Colts purge their staff after coach Chuck Pagano's firing earlier this week. Another potential replacement could be Ben McAdoo

 but he returned to focusing exclusively on the quarterback position after that season.,Van Pelt, was the Packers' running backs coach in his first two seasons. He replaced McAdoo as the team's quarterbacks coach following 2013, originally hired in 2012, and has worked with that position ever since. In 2015, the Packers expanded Van Pelt's role to include wide receivers

 hence the need for Van Pelt to allow his contract to expire.,After coaching multiple positions, as well as having the nice resume piece of being Aaron Rodgers' position coach for five seasons,[url=http://www.giantscheapstore.com/darian-thompson-jersey-cheap]Womens Darian Thompson Jersey[/url], Van Pelt could get serious offensive coordinator interest around the league. Teams have asked permission to interview Van Pelt for coordinator positions in the past, including the then-St. Louis Rams after the 2014 season. McCarthy does not allow his assistants to interview for coordinator positions with other teams

 defensive line coach Mike Trgovac and inside linebackers coach Scott McCurley.,The Packers also announced three changes to McCarthy’s defensive staff that were already widely reported: the firings of defensive coordinator Dom Capers

 and all you had to do was watch him wince when he tried to put any weight on it as the trainers were helping him up. He was in a walking boot in the celebratory locker room after the game.,The Bills’ best offensive player was carted off the field at Hard Rock Stadium Sunday with what looked like a significant right ankle injury

 and that has coach Sean McDermott cautiously hopeful.,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/joe-namath-jersey-cheap]Authentic Joe Namath Jersey[/url],However, and it appears he sustained a sprain, X-rays taken in Miami were negative so there was no fracture

 so we’ll just continue to monitor that.”,“He’s gonna have a chance,” McDermott said Monday afternoon. “We’re continuing to go through the medical evaluation on that. We got some good news this morning (that the X-rays were negative),[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com]Womens Eric Decker Jersey[/url], we’ll see

 nor do I play one on television.”,McDermott would not go into further detail on how severe the injury is, “I’m not a doctor, and then joked

 probably on either side of the ball.,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/jordan-jenkins-jersey-cheap]Authentic Jordan Jenkins Jersey[/url],Not having McCoy for Buffalo’s first playoff game in 18 years would be an awful blow to the offense. He finished fourth in the NFL in rushing this season with 1,138 yards, and he also led the Bills with 59 pass receptions. Without question, he’s Buffalo’s best player

 and Mike Tolbert as well. Our coaches do a great job of preparing not only the starters but the guys who play after that.”,“That would be big, but that said,” McDermott said of the possibility that McCoy can play. “He’s obviously a big part of what we do, I love what we saw yesterday, which is true of our entire team. You’ve seen 63 guys prepare all season long and that was on display yesterday when (Marcus Murphy) stepped up and did his job

 where McDermott was still the defensive coordinator. ,Before Sunday, that in the 2015 season finale playing for New Orleans, Murphy had exactly one NFL rushing attempt, where he was primarily a return man. He compiled 28 punt returns for 261 yards including a 74-yard touchdown, which he scored against Carolina

Last year, he barely got on the field, playing in only three games before the Saints released him.

“Here’s a young man, with his opportunities on the scout team, he returned a kick against Carolina when I was there years ago, to, you fill in the blank,” said McDermott. “He’s been in the league a couple years and he’s earned the right. We talk a lot around here of earning the right, finish the sentence. And he’s done that since the time he came in the building with the way he approaches practice, whether it was on the offensive side or special teams.”

 they also got some help from the NFL rulebook in the form a tiebreaker that hadn't been used to decide a playoff spot in seven years. ,The Bills didn't just need a miracle from Andy Dalton to get into the playoffs this year

 then the Bills would be out. ,After the Bills beat the Dolphins 22-16 on Sunday, then the Bills would get in. If the Ravens beat the Bengals, the path to the playoffs for Buffalo was simple: If the Bengals beat the Ravens

 but that quickly changed when Dalton threw a pass that will likely make him the most popular person in Buffalo for years to come. ,With 52 seconds left to play in the game,[url=http://www.giantscheapstore.com/ereck-flowers-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ereck Flowers Jersey[/url], things weren't looking great for the Bills, and the Bengals facing a fourth-and-12

The 49-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd gave the Bengals a 31-27 win over Baltimore and put the Bills in the playoffs for the first time since 1999. 

 which set up a wild four-team tiebreaker. ,[url=http://www.giantscheapstore.com/darian-thompson-jersey-cheap]Authentic Darian Thompson Jersey[/url],At 9-7,[url=http://www.giantscheapstore.com/ereck-flowers-jersey-cheap]Womens Ereck Flowers Jersey[/url], who were also 9-7. The Bills also got in over the 9-7 Chargers, the Bills got into the postseason over the Ravens, despite the fact that L.A. had beaten them earlier this year. Oh,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com]Authentic Eric Decker Jersey[/url], and let's not forget that the Titans also finished 9-7

The NFL has a long list of rules that's supposed to be used in a scenario like this and that's exactly what happened. Some tiebreakers -- like a coin toss -- are rarely used, [url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/darron-lee-jersey-cheap]Womens Darron Lee Jersey[/url], but they're on the list just in case things get funky. In the case of the Bills, they actually got in on one of those rarely-used tiebreakers. 

Let's start with the fifth seed in the AFC, which was earned by Tennessee. The Titans got the fifth spot thanks to a pretty common tiebreaker: Conference record. Tennessee's 8-4 mark in the AFC was better than the Bills (7-5),[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/joe-namath-jersey-cheap]Womens Joe Namath Jersey[/url],Ravens (7-5) and Chargers (6-6).


 which eliminated the Chargers because they had the worst AFC record out of the three teams. ,Now, conference record is used, this is where things get interesting. The fact that the Chargers had a head-to-head win over Bills didn't matter in the tiebreaker for the sixth spot because it was a three-way tie. In that case

Since both teams went 7-5 in the AFC,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/darron-lee-jersey-cheap]Authentic Darron Lee Jersey[/url], we have another tie, which is, "Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games." The two teams played five common games this season, that takes us to our next tiebreaker,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/jordan-jenkins-jersey-cheap]Womens Jordan Jenkins Jersey[/url], and they BOTH went 4-1. So yup, so we have to move on to the next tiebreaker. 

The next tiebreaker is based on strength of victory. The Bills finished the season with a .396 strength of victory, which gave them the sixth spot over the Ravens, who finished with a .299 

 and here's the good news for Buffalo: Green Bay went on to win the Super Bowl that year.,Getting into the playoffs based on the strength of victory tiebreaker doesn't happen often. Before this year, the Packers edged the Giants for the final spot in the NFC, the last team to qualify for the postseason based on strength of victory was Green Bay. In 2010