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Jets CB Burris out for game vs. Chiefs with concussion

Jets CB Burris out for game vs. Chiefs with concussion

New York Jets backup cornerback Juston Burris has been ruled out against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday because of a concussion.

 Robert Nelson and rookie Derrick Jones could fill in at Burris' spot as New York's No. 4 cornerback behind Morris Claiborne,Burris was injured last Sunday against Carolina and did not practice all week while in the league's concussion protocol. Coach Todd Bowles says Rashard Robinson, Buster Skrine and Darryl Roberts.

Starting right guard Brian Winters is questionable for the game and could be replaced by Dakota Dozier if he can't play. Running back Matt Forte is also questionable with a sore right knee.

Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse was limited all week with a sore shoulder, but will play.

 and one fan has decided to take his frustrations to change.org,Chiefs fans by and large seem to be in favor of a change at the quarterback position following their team's 16-10 home loss to the Buffalo Bills Sunday, where he started a petition that calls for starter Alex Smith to be benched in favor of Patrick Mahomes .

 Kansas is the name of the fan attached to the petition,Levi Thompson of Hiawatha, which says it will be delivered to the Kansas City Chiefs at 1 Arrowhead Drive.

" the petition says. "We are on a 1-5 slide in the last 6 games and have nearly blown our massive division lead in one of the worst divisions in football. It is time that we step up and demand change. We need to see what we have in Patrick Mahomes. It is time for our rookie to start. He's had plenty of time to learn the system,"It's no secret that Alex Smith has been struggling the past 2 months, and this would give him some experience going into next year. Bench Alex Smith. Start Patrick Mahomes."

Whether or not the Chiefs should start Mahomes is a hot topic of discussion at the moment among fans and reporters. Those in favor of keeping Smith in the lineup say there are other reasons besides quarterback for the Chiefs' struggles while also bringing up the possibility of Mahomes not being ready to play and being thrown into a difficult position for a rookie. Those who want to see Mahomes play point at Smith for the majority of issues on offense and say Mahomes can provide a spark along with the arm strength needed to get more downfield plays into the offense.

 and if they lose this week to the New York Jets,Whatever the Chiefs do to fix the offense, they face the possibility of being tied atop the division with the Chargers and Raiders with games against each of them in the following two weeks. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has stood firmly by Smith so far, it needs to happen fast. Their once-sizeable lead in the AFC West is down to one game, and that likely won't change this week, but the patience among fans will continue to diminish if Smith and the offense struggle again in New York on Sunday.

If you had asked most NFL prognosticators nearly two months ago if the Los Angeles Chargers had a chance of picking off the first-place Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/mitchell-schwartz-jersey-authentic]Womens Mitchell Schwartz Jersey[/url], they would have you thought you were crazy.

Flash-forward some two months later and the Chargers are in a prime spot to shock a lot of “experts” when all is said and done.

 Los Angeles righted the ship,After a terrible 0-4 start to the season, arriving at its now 5-6 record heading into Sunday’s home contest with the winless Cleveland Browns (0-11).

So,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/albert-wilson-jersey-authentic]Womens Albert Wilson Jersey[/url], what has led to a change in fortunes for a team many in San Diego were hoping would fall on its face once it started calling the greater Los Angeles area home?

Part of the change with the Chargers over the last two months has been the ability to win games they should be winning.

Facing teams with records only slightly better than them, the Chargers have picked off a number of teams on the field that they should also have beaten on paper.

 Los Angeles has won five-of-seven games. If you throw in a very close loss at Jacksonville and a loss in New England where the Chargers certainly had chances to win,Ever since the close 26-24 loss on Oct. 1 to what is now a 10-1 Philadelphia squad,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/laurent-duvernay-tardif-jersey-authentic]Authentic Laurent Duvernay Tardif Jersey[/url], this could be a 7-4 team heading into game number 12.

 Los Angeles is in a good spot to not only get an AFC Wild Card berth, but also possibly capture its first AFC West crown (see more below) since the 2009 season. For those not up on their history,As it stands, the Chargers (while in San Diego) won four straight division titles from 2006-09.

 Rivers looks as good as ever over these last couple of months. Sure,In being more competitive these last two months,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/ron-parker-jersey-authentic]Authentic Ron Parker Jersey[/url], the guy can barely scramble to save his life. Sure, he has thrown some interceptions that were not pretty. That said, the Chargers have a swagger about them. It all starts with their veteran signal caller Philip Rivers. Never one to be shy about showing his feelings on the field, this team is clicking on both sides of the ball,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/allen-bailey-jersey-authentic]Authentic Allen Bailey Jersey[/url], especially in putting up points the last few games.

 the Chargers amassed 82 points. Remember,In wins over Buffalo and Dallas, the Bills and Cowboys are not exactly the Browns or 49ers.

 the Chargers defense has also been firing on all cylinders. In holding Buffalo and Dallas to a combined 30 points,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/eric-fisher-jersey-authentic]Authentic Eric Fisher Jersey[/url],Meantime, Los Angeles has shown that scoring is going to be a chore against this unit.

Although there will be a few stiff tests in December, there is nothing now to indicate that this defensive unit is going to falter anytime soon.

When you take a look at the remaining schedule for Los Angeles, Chargers fans can’t help but get more than a little excited.

After the only winless team remaining in the NFL (Cleveland) visits this Sunday, the Chargers get a mediocre Washington team at home the following Sunday.

 what is now looking like a big game in Kansas City arrives on Saturday, Dec. 16 against the Chiefs. If the Chargers can get a season series split with the Chiefs,From there, that could be the ticket to an AFC West crown.

 Los Angeles can’t overlook a road date with the New York Jets on Christmas Eve. Although New York is struggling as of late,Following the date with the Chiefs, a game the day before Christmas in what should be a cold environment could prove to be a trap.

 the Chargers’ season may all hinge on their New Year’s Eve home date with the rival Oakland Raiders. As of now,Last, the Raiders also sit at 5-6 in the AFC West. Could it all come down to the final regular season game?

For now, the Chargers must focus on beating a Cleveland team that got its only win against the then San Diego Chargers last season. A loss to the lowly Browns this weekend would make much of that good feeling the Chargers and their fans have had in recent weeks melt away.

More than a few Chiefs fans want Patrick Mahomes to start at quarterback over Alex Smith, but is he any more ready to play on Sundays than he was at the beginning of the season?

That's impossible to say for sure, offensive coordinator Matt Nagy said Thursday.

Nagy was asked by a reporter during his Thursday press conference if there was a way to tell whether or not Mahomes has made progress in terms of game-readiness since the start of the season,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/albert-wilson-jersey-authentic]Authentic Albert Wilson Jersey[/url], and the response was that he wouldn't know for sure until he was put out on the field. 

" Nagy said, per Chiefs.com. "One way you do watch is you get to see some of the things that he does in practice and that he did in training camp. But again,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/dee-ford-jersey-authentic]Authentic Dee Ford Jersey[/url],“There’s no real way to tell that until he’s put out there in that situation, going into this training camp we had no idea as a rookie him coming in how he was going to fare in training camp. You just really don’t know that answer until that happens."

One of the concerns surrounding Mahomes has been how prepared he'd be to step in at quarterback given that he was a raw prospect coming out of college who needed time to adjust from his offense at Texas Tech to the more complex one he'd be running with the Chiefs. General manager Brett Veach said before the start of the season that Mahomes wasn't close to Smith in terms of the mental aspect of being an NFL quarterback, and Nagy's comment doesn't really provide any clues as to what progress Mahomes has made since then. 

In spite of that,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/dee-ford-jersey-authentic]Womens Dee Ford Jersey[/url], there's still plenty of fans who would like the Chiefs to put Mahomes on the field so they can find out. The question is whether or not they'll have to wait another season for that to happen. 

Another week, another loss for the Chiefs that should’ve easily been a win.

When the defense plays as well as Kansas City’s did against the Buffalo Bills in Week 12, it’s the offense’s duty to step up and finish the job. That’s why this loss was again completely on the offense.

Let’s hit the film and hand out grades from the Chiefs’ most recent matchup.

Before we get into Alex Smith’s film,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/laurent-duvernay-tardif-jersey-authentic]Womens Laurent Duvernay Tardif Jersey[/url], let me preface by saying that I understand both perspectives of those that want Patrick Mahomes to start and those that think Smith deserves to finish out the season.

We have excellent opposing viewpoints on the subject here at Chiefs Wire—Jonathan Greig wrote up a piece vouching for Mahomes to start while John Dillon wrote a defense against benching Smith. Both made great points.

 here is a summary of mine: Smith has indeed regressed over the past few weeks,While I understand both perspectives, but the offense’s struggles are not all on him. It’s a team effort.

I’m not excusing Smith’s play. He earned a D+ from me for a reason. But part of Smith’s poor play has been because of the offense line,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/ron-parker-jersey-authentic]Womens Ron Parker Jersey[/url], which had an awful game against the Bills. We’ll talk about the O-line later.

The problem is that when the O-line is bad or at least inconsistent, Smith shows happy feet and a slow trigger-finger even when the protection is good. Smith is a confidence quarterback—he needs things to go well or else he can break.

Smith is generally great at escaping pockets when plays break down, but sometimes he runs instead of making the tough pass. Smith was correct to abandon the pocket in the play above because it was third-and-12. He tried to make a play and it was a valiant effort.

 he decided to tuck and run instead of throwing to wide open receiver Demarcus Robinson who was clearly in Smith’s view. That is a throw that I think Mahomes would make,[url=http://www.chiefsfootballauthentic.com/allen-bailey-jersey-authentic]Womens Allen Bailey Jersey[/url],The problem is that when Smith approached the line of scrimmage, which is one of the reasons why people want Mahomes to start. It’s an understandable criticism.