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New details emerge in Fletcher Cox lawsuit

New details emerge in Fletcher Cox lawsuit

North Carolina resident Joshua Jeffords claims Cox seduced and had sex with his wife back when she visited Pennsylvania in April. In the lawsuit," which North Carolina residents can file a lawsuit for if they have a claim. , Jeffords says Cox continued the relationship via text messages and his liable for "alienation of affection

 and also stated "it wouldn't have mattered anyway." The reason? "No genuine love or affection existed" between the woman and her husband.,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/marcus-gilbert-jersey-cheap]Authentic Marcus Gilbert Jersey[/url],Cox's attorney filed documents stating the Eagles defensive tackle is adamant he's no home wrecker. Cox said she never told him she was married

000. His attorney asked the court to dismiss the case and make Jeffords pay for his lawyers. ,Cox is being sued for over $25

 before the two defensive ends engaged in a mock verbal turf war that was indicative of the atmosphere some 10 days before Super Bowl LII.  ,The crowd of reporters surrounding Chris Long had already spilled over into Vinny Curry’s space by the time he made his way into the Philadelphia Eagles locker room Thursday afternoon

 Curry simply found a space in adjacent locker,Eventually, and took a moment to survey the chaotic scene playing out from one end of the team’s sanctuary to the other., made himself comfortable

 making it to a prep school in Ohio as a stepping stone to Marshall,And why should he be. This is the guy who refused to be swallowed up by the streets of his hometown, where he became a Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year. A day after attending his mother’s funeral in 2011, earning national Player of the Week honors., he honored her memory with 3.5 sacks and a forced fumble and nine tackles in the Thundering Herd’s win over Rice

 $47-million contract in 2016. And now,When his role was as a designated pass rusher during his first five seasons with the Eagles, in his first season as a starter, he committed to the task and was rewarded with a five-year, surrendering just 33 points over the past four games., he’s an integral part of a unit that has utterly dominated in recent weeks

Eagles Super Bowl: Rick Lovato's journey from sub-maker to the Super Bowl

So this whole underdog vibe that’s engulfed the City of Brotherly Love plays right into Curry’s wheelhouse. Tell him he can’t do something and his world then revolves around proving you wrong.

The Ringer's Michael Lombardi is back in the news. You might remember him from back in September when he said Eagles coach Doug Pederson was less qualified to coach a team "than anyone I've seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL." And you might remember earlier this month when he backtracked on his comments.

It's quite the change of heart from Lombardi, who had leads of 14-3 and 20-10 on the Patriots before falling in dramatic fashion, who worked for the Eagles in 1998. Lombardi thinks the Eagles can mimic the game plan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-20.

 spread the field,"What Jacksonville did in the first half, force you to play inside with power and then attack the edges, run a Kansas City style of offense," Lombardi said. "That's been the kryptonite for New England, and that's what Philly does all the time."

Tony Dungy has had the Philadelphia Eagles back since their "struggles" after a meaningless Week 17 loss heading into the postseason, picking them to host the NFC Championship Game...than advancing to the Super Bowl. 

Dungy isn't abandoning the Eagles now with the NFL title on the line. He tripled down on the Eagles with just over a week to go until the Super Bowl. 

 they'll give New England some problems,"I think Nick Foles and this running game and the quick play-action passes," Dungy said Wednesday via Rip City Radio. "I just think, and I'm going to wait another week before I say it, running the ball outside, but if you asked right now, I think Philly's a team of destiny this year. They've overcome so much and they continue to win. I like Philadelphia in a tight game."

Philadelphia's offense finished third in rush yards per game (132.2), seventh in total offense (365.8) and third in points per game (28.6). Those regular season numbers were also skewed from the team resting players in Week 17. 

 three touchdowns,The Eagles offense has scored 26.5 points per game and averaged 395 yards per game in the playoffs, and an 122.1 passer rating. Philadelphia's defense was been just as impressive, allowing just 8.5 points per game, led by the play of Foles...who has completed 77.8 percent of his passes for 598 yards, 307 yards per game, and committing three turnovers. 

Enough with the Eagles-fans-being-terrible-human-beings-because-they-pelted-Santa-Claus-with-snowballs. We get it. You object to people pelting Santa Claus with snowballs. You apparently think that pelting Santa Claus with snowballs is the worst thing a person can do,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/jordan-berry-jersey-cheap]Womens Jordan Berry Jersey[/url], that it reveals character flaws so deep that instruments have yet to be invented to plumb the depths of such awfulness. 

 played Dec. 15 against the Minnesota Vikings. The team had hired a Santa Claus,Of course, but he didn't show up, I'm referring to the 1968 Eagles game,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/mike-mitchell-jersey-cheap]Womens Mike Mitchell Jersey[/url], so they dragged some guy from Atlantic City out of the stands who happened to be dressed up like Saint Nick,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/marcus-gilbert-jersey-cheap]Womens Marcus Gilbert Jersey[/url], to take his place.

 I know. But in our defense,Eagles fans were in a bad mood. They wanted the team to tank so the Eagles could get the first pick in the draft to get then-Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson. (Yeah, he hadn't killed anyone yet.)  

 being the Eagles,The Eagles,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/ramon-foster-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ramon Foster Jersey[/url], blew it and won enough games to lose the right to get the future double-homicide suspect – and Santa Claus just happened to be there.  

In our defense – yes, I'm one of those – he was a pretty lousy Santa Claus. 

 you dress up like Santa Claus and go to an Eagles game,I'm not saying he deserved to be pelted with snowballs. But, you have to expect some, well, shall we say, blowback. 

I bring this up because with the Eagles slouching toward Minneapolis and a date with the New England Cheating Scumbags in Super Bowl LII, "Fly, [url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/david-decastro-jersey-cheap]Authentic David DeCastro Jersey[/url],the fake news media is full of stories dredging up this ancient history to make the point that Eagles fans are the worst people to have ever walked the earth. 

It's not fair. For one thing, there are plenty of far worse people. Pol Pot. Stalin. Hilter. Bill Belichick. 

 come on. Patriots fans. You have to detest Patriots fans,And Eagles fans are far from the worst in the NFL. I mean, bunch of smug Massholes who believe that winning the Super Bowl is their birthright and they deserve it even though their team cheats.  

 Eagles,There's the Santa Claus thing. And then there is a lengthy list of crimes against humanity perpetuated by those among us who bleed green and white and know all of the words to [url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/ramon-foster-jersey-cheap]Womens Ramon Foster Jersey[/url],Fly." 

 someone called then-Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Steve Lopez with a tip that Rendell had bet a fellow fan 20 bucks that he couldn't hit the field with a snowball. Lopez called Rendell, a Philadelphia lawyer. Lopez called the guy,There was the time Eagles fans threw snowballs at the Dallas Cowboys. Hey," Rendell confessed. Rendell asked Lopez if he had talked to his friend, who said it never happened. So Lopez gave up on the story. Then, his phone rang and it was Rendell. "Yeah, I did it, who denied it and told Lopez to call the guy who was at the game with him, it snows in Philly. What do you expect? The best story from that day had to do with then-District Attorney and future Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. After the game, the lawyer, and whether the lawyer had denied it happened. Lopez said he had. And Rendell said he wasn't surprised, that the guy was among the best lawyers in the city. 

 and so like Rendell. It's no wonder why Rendell was such a popular politician. And besides,A couple of things about that. That's so like Philadelphia, it was the Cowboys and there was snow. It's like putting a cheesesteak in front of a starving man. 

Another story about the wretchedness of Eagles also has to do with the Cowboys, the fans didn't know Irvin's neck was broken. They only knew that he was laid out on the Vet's rock-hard Astroturf. For another thing, that fans cheered when wide receiver Michael Irvin had his neck broken during a game. For one thing, it was Michael Irvin. Keep some perspective. 

 we know we're awful people. We've come to terms with it. We know that,We can defend the actions of our fellow fans. At the same time, as it happened after the divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, though, one of our brethren who gets kicked out of the stadium for being overenthusiastic (and kind of hammered) will go full Mongo and punch a police horse. How do we know that the horse didn't provoke him by saying, "Why the long face?" 

 31-7,And there are no more neurotic fans. Here is what it is like to be an Eagles fan: During the NFC championship game, Eagles fans were on edge because they knew deep down that if some team can find a way to lose a game in a catastrophic manner, it's the Eagles. So when they win, it might appear that we tend to overreact, which leads the cops to slather Crisco on all of the light poles in a 10-block radius of the Linc. It's a completely normal reaction. OK, when the Eagles were up, say,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/mike-mitchell-jersey-cheap]Authentic Mike Mitchell Jersey[/url], maybe not normal in the way you think of normal. Maybe it is a bit ... oh,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/david-decastro-jersey-cheap]Womens David DeCastro Jersey[/url], never mind. 

 as New England fans do,At least we don't condone cheating, going all truther on the Deflategate scandal and defending a team that spied on opponents. 

To those outside the two fan bases,[url=http://www.steelerscheapauthenticstore.com/vince-williams-jersey-cheap]Authentic Vince Williams Jersey[/url], in a huge headline, it appears to be a no-win situation. The New York Post termed it, "Worst. Super Bowl. Ever." 

Dan Gelston of the Associated Press summed it up thusly: "It’s time to line ‘em up — the Santa Snowball Hurlers vs. the Deflategate Truthers in a fight for the checkered flag of most obnoxious fans."