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Raiders are actually one of the losers in the Alex Smith trade

Raiders are actually one of the losers in the Alex Smith trade

Alex Smith has owned the Oakland Raiders over the past five years. There's no way to sugarcoat that.

He's gone 8-2 against the Raiders over that span and he's also led the Chiefs to the playoffs four times, while never posting a record worse than 9-7. On the surface, Raider Nation should be thrilled with Smith leaving the AFC West.

 and almost all of them are negative.,But there's much more for fans and the team's organization to be worried about than what Smith has done to them in the past. This move is going to impact the Raiders in many ways looking forward

For starters, the benefit this deal likely has for the Chiefs is pretty massive. Yes, but he's also a player with unbelievable upside. Mahomes may not be a Pro Bowler in 2018, they now have an unproven starter in Patrick Mahomes for 2018, but it likely won't take long for him to hit his stride and be more than capable of causing headaches for not only the AFC West but the entire NFL.

The Mahomes factor is still a question mark, to some extent, though, so let's talk about the impact the Chiefs decision to move on from Smith and go with the second-year pro has on the financial side.

Instead of having to fork over a massive deal to Smith, $4.47 million in 2019 and $5.22 million in 2020, who's 33 years old, they get Mahomes (22) for a cap hit of $3.73 million in 2018, per Spotrac. The Chiefs will also, of course, while they also groom their franchise quarterback of the future., have the fifth-year option on Mahomes in 2021. If you don't think that's a big deal, consider the fact that this will free up money for the Chiefs to re-sign a star like Marcus Peters and also add multiple free agents. The cap savings will let the Chiefs address multiple areas of need and better their entire roster

 but it's just the start.,All of this is big for Kansas City and not great for the Raiders

The Chiefs acquired a third-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, as well as a cornerback who's proven to be a very good player and is under contract for the next two seasons with cap hits of under $750k. Essentially, have a quarterback who has a higher ceiling than Smith and a third-round pick, they've added another defensive weapon, all while saving themselves a ton of cap space.

And then, finally, and more specifically, there's the overlooked aspect of what this could mean for the Raiders, the Denver Broncos.

It's a well-known fact that the Broncos have been linked as one of the top potential landing spots for Kirk Cousins if the Redskins were unable to re-sign him. Now, Cousins will head to free agency and the Broncos will have their opportunity to fork over a massive amount of money to sign him. If he does indeed land with the Broncos, then they'll join the Chiefs as a second AFC West team whose future outlook immediately becomes a whole lot brighter.

If Cousins does indeed land in Denver, but it'd be a start. Yes,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/vernon-hargreaves-iii-jersey-cheap]Authentic Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey[/url], it won't fix all of their issues, it'd cost a lot, but Derek Carr cost the Raiders a pretty penny as well. Regardless, it's time for the Raiders to get to work and make sure that they keep their own future as bright,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/noah-spence-jersey-cheap]Authentic Noah Spence Jersey[/url], if not brighter than their two hated rivals.

But as the circle of protesting players widened, too, so, did the stay-in-your-lane backlash from some fans demanding that NFL stars keep their politics out of the stadium. Then,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/roberto-aguayo-jersey-cheap]Authentic Roberto Aguayo Jersey[/url], in September 2017, President Trump fueled the furor in an Alabama speech calling any kneeling player a “son of a bitch” disrespecting his flag and country,[url=http://www.texansfootballauthentic.com/j.j.-watt-jersey-authentic]Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey[/url], and called on team owners to fire those refusing to stand for the national anthem.

The reaction among some Napa County football followers was nearly as fervent.

“I am a former 49er season holder that has ZERO respect for the disrespect that the NFL has shown our country and our veterans, of which I am one,” Dave Morse wrote in one of more than two dozen emails sent to the Napa Valley Register on the topic last month.

“I have not watched one minute,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/ali-marpet-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ali Marpet Jersey[/url], spent one dollar to support the NFL – nor will I until the so-called ‘protests’ are moved off the field and apologies are forthcoming,” Morse continued. “Needless to say, I am perfectly willing to keep that position for as long as it takes.”

” Don and Kathie McConnell said in another letter to the Register. “Our flag and the national anthem are sacred to all those who have served in our military.,“Our son has been a Marine for 20 years

 but NFL players should find some other way to register their protest. We will not be watching as long as this very disrespectful protest continues and the powers that be continue to condone it.”,“They should be to everyone who is fortunate enough to live in this country. They represent all those who have sacrificed and died in order to preserve and protect our country. We realize there is prejudice and injustice in our country

While some spectators loudly wash their hands of pro football,[url=http://www.texansfootballauthentic.com/j.j.-watt-jersey-authentic]Womens J.J. Watt Jersey[/url], Super Bowl LII is still expected to draw the year’s largest television audience by far, as it has for decades – more than 100 million viewers at a time, according to Nielsen Co. figures.

But even for some Napa Valley-based fans who plan to tune into the NFL’s championship game on Sunday, the echoes of a bitter political struggle are never far away. Nor are internal debates over whether to support protesting athletes, the causes they support, or both.

 a Calistoga-raised Army veteran whose older brother David suffered lung damage from the herbicide Agent Orange during his Air Force service in Vietnam.,The disappointment in players who knelt during the national anthem was especially acute for Mike Ervin

When Kaepernick announced in 2016 that he would not stand for the playing of the anthem as a statement against racism, mainly because I was in a family where everyone had served, “I was very disappointed in him as a person,” recalled Ervin, who now lives in Santa Rosa. “During Vietnam I would see people coming back and what it had done to them, and to have someone disrespect them was terrible.

“A lot of people have died for that flag. I think there’s another way to make that point; I don’t see what the American flag has to do that. I see his points, I really do, but there are other ways to make that point without disrespecting the flag that other people have died for.”

Another local fan, while supporting Kaepernick’s calls for social justice, called his symbol an example of poor tactics spoiling a worthy cause.

“I was sympathetic to it and understood it but I thought, you have not thought this out well enough, ‘Boy,’” said Glen Schaefer of Napa, a self-described 49ers fan from as far back as the 1950s. “If he‘d just said, ‘I want to bring awareness to it,’ that’s one thing, but now people listen to you and hold you to it – especially when they don’t like you. He had the right intention but he didn’t express it well.”

 another former serviceman in Napa found himself gradually won over – despite his strong initial unease.,While some military veterans have objected to protests they call attacks on the flag

“It bothered me; it hurt me to see our flag disrespected,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/roberto-aguayo-jersey-cheap]Womens Roberto Aguayo Jersey[/url], ” remembered Will Foreman, a psychologist in the California prison system who served in the Navy from 1969 to 1974. “… But at the same time, I know that black and Hispanic males in particular are viewed as dangerous by society at large. I came to the conclusion that (Kaepernick) raised concerns that need to be discussed by the community and not ignored.”

Foreman, whose ancestors fought on the Union side in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, ultimately decided that even a flag or anthem could not come before the principles he said they represent – including the right of football players to protest injustice before tens of thousands of ticket holders,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/noah-spence-jersey-cheap]Womens Noah Spence Jersey[/url], and millions of TV watchers.

“My loyalty is to the Constitution and its principles, so I have to value free speech,” said Foreman,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/vernon-hargreaves-iii-jersey-cheap]Womens Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey[/url],who called the backlash from President Trump – on Twitter and in public speeches – as the true danger.

” he said of Trump’s call on team owners to cast off players who kneel or sit for the anthem. “It’s the federal government trying to interfere with speech and peaceful protests.”,“I really saw that as outrageous

How much the distaste of some fans for on-field political statements has turned them away from the NFL has become a matter of debate – especially as the league has seen its network ratings fall for two consecutive seasons.

Nielsen reported an overall drop in viewers of 9.7 percent compared to the 2016 season, when ratings fell 8 percent from the year before. In addition to the protest controversies, media executives have pointed to declining overall TV viewership and a possible glut of broadcasts,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/donovan-smith-jersey-cheap]Authentic Donovan Smith Jersey[/url], especially as Thursday-night NFL contests have been expanded to cover most of the 17-week regular season.

While Foreman, Schaefer and others have wrestled with the ethics of NFL players’ protests, Deloris Barclay has been supportive from the start.

“I’m a former Catholic,” said Barclay,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/donovan-smith-jersey-cheap]Womens Donovan Smith Jersey[/url], and when you enter the church you genuflect to show respect for the host – Jesus – at the altar, a Napan who remains enough of a fan to take part in online fantasy football leagues at age 89. “Genuflecting, even a bow, is a show of respect, not disrespect.

“I thought it was fantastic that (Kaepernick) took the initiative,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/ali-marpet-jersey-cheap]Womens Ali Marpet Jersey[/url],” she added. “Maybe Trump had to make a point of making it sound so horrible, but I don’t think it’s horrible at all. I was angry that Trump wanted (players) fired – that was ridiculous. It made me angry; of course, a lot of things he says make me angry.”