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Raiders going all-in on Jon Gruden for $100 million

Raiders going all-in on Jon Gruden for $100 million

 they want him in charge for the next decade.,The Raiders believe so strongly in Jon Gruden

Gruden is expected to strike a deal for 10 years and $100 million to be the Raiders’ next head coach. It would be the longest contract for an NFL coach since the Cowboys gave Tom Landry a 10-year extension in 1964.

The Raiders won’t be holding back on Gruden’s underlings either, prepared to make his coaching staff the most expensive in league history, according to NFL Network. His coordinators expected to be Rams quarterback coach Greg Olson as offensive coordinator and Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther in the same role — reportedly will receive four-year deals to extend beyond the team’s relocation to Las Vegas in 2020.

Gruden’s other anticipated move is to lure Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia to lead his group in Oakland.

 according to multiple reports.,Gruden will make his grand return to the Raiders in a press conference to announce his hire on Tuesday

The ESPN “Monday Night Football” analyst has sidestepped questions about the Raiders job all week, after his employer broke the news Monday, only going so far as to admit “there’s a good chance [I’d take the job].”

His intention of calling the Chiefs-Titans wild-card game this Saturday, his last broadcast with the network before moving back to the NFL sidelines, irritated some who felt his presence in production meetings could earn him valuable information on future.

Tension also arose this week between Gruden. Smith after the “First Take” co-host criticized the original report that Gruden might be offered an ownership stake in the Raiders. Gruden, appearing on “Golic & Wingo” Wednesday morning, denied the ownership incentive would be part of the deal after saying he heard Smith “screaming at me on TV yesterday.”

 which included a victory in Super Bowl XXXVII.,Gruden, is leaving to resume a coaching career headlined by a stint in Oakland from 1998 to 2001 and another with the Buccaneers from 2002 to 2008, 54

The Raiders have satisfied the NFL's Rooney Rule, a source said Thursday, requiring NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate for general manager and head coach positions.

stating the Raiders have interviewed two minority candidates. She also reports that the NFL told the chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, an organization polices whether the NFL abides by the law, that the requirement has been met.

NFL reporter Adam Caplan said Raiders tight ends coach Bobby Johnson was one. Johnson coached his position all three years under Jack Del Rio and was well respected among his position group and the offensive line. Del Rio's assistants have been told they can look for work elsewhere.

 though they aren't the first team to lock on to a candidate and beeline for him.,The Raiders have come under some fire for having a coach virtually lined up before the hiring process truly began

 but this is by far the closest he has come to accepting a position.,the Raiders are considering offering Gruden an ownership stake in the team to re-take the job he held from 1998-2001 after they fired Jack Del Rio. Gruden has been mentioned in coaching rumors in his nine years since parting ways with the Buccaneers

” Gruden said.,“My understanding is they’re interviewing candidates this week and they’re going to let everybody know sometime early next week or whenever they make their decision

 when the Titans and Chiefs meet in the wild-card round. Gruden reportedly wanted to finish out his commitment to the network before leaving for a spot on the sideline.,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/jason-peters-jersey-authentic]Authentic Jason Peters Jersey[/url],Gruden is calling his final game of the season on Saturday

 they persuaded Nevada legislators to commit the largest public subsidy in American history toward their new $1.9 billion stadium and practice facility.,First

Now the Raiders persuaded the Henderson City Council to shave $6.05 million off the $12.1-million market value of 55 acres of land to build their practice field and corporate headquarters near the city’s executive airport.

 the team’s winning argument in favor of corporate subsidy reads the same: The return you reap will be worth the dollars you sow.,In both cases

 a decision that allows city officials to use a Nevada law allowing no-bid sales at under-market prices when they deem it in the public interest.,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/rodney-mcleod-jersey-authentic]Authentic Rodney McLeod Jersey[/url],Henderson’s council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to move forward toward a directed sale of land to the Raiders

The Raiders plan to spend as much as $75 million to construct their headquarters. The team’s oft-cited budget includes $1.8 billion for its 65,000-seat domed stadium, and $100 million for its corporate headquarters. Nevada’s $750 million taxpayer investment evolved from those estimates.

 though that parcel sits in a much more desirable location adjacent to the Strip. The initial asking price for that land was $100 million.,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/nigel-bradham-jersey-authentic]Authentic Nigel Bradham Jersey[/url],If the sale receives final council approval in February,000 per acre for the land. The team in May paid $77.5 million for 62 acres — $1.25 million per acre — to private owners for its stadium site, the Raiders will pay roughly $110

 just like everybody else asked.”,Asked if the city initially offered the discounted rate or if the Raiders requested the half-price deal,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/brandon-brooks-jersey-authentic]Authentic Brandon Brooks Jersey[/url], “It was a negotiation. Of course they asked, city councilperson John Marz said

 though many of those positions could be filled by employees relocating from the current Raiders home in Alameda. Raiders stadium consultant Don Webb said the facility will need to be completed by spring 2020.,The team plans to create 250 nonplaying jobs stationed at the headquarters

At that time, Hue Jackson was Oakland’s coach and with no general manager in place after former Raiders owner,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/caleb-sturgis-jersey-authentic]Authentic Caleb Sturgis Jersey[/url], Al Davis died. Jackson made the decision to trade for Palmer after having a history with the QB during his time in Cincinnati where he was the wide receivers coach as well as from Palmer’s time at USC — where Jackson was the quarterbacks coach.

The Raiders traded Palmer for their first-round pick in the 2012 draft and a second-round pick in the 2013 draft.

 35 touchdowns and 30 interceptions.,Palmer’s tenure with the Raiders lasted two years in which he started 26 games,771 yards, threw for 6

Gruden, who has been out of coaching and working in broadcasting for the past decade, will be receiving the longest head-coaching contract in NFL history and one that will reach into nine-figures. Yowza.

 amassing a 57-55 record and winning the Super Bowl XXVII (over the Raiders).,Despite being out of the game for so long, Gruden has stayed on the radar of many teams as a prime head-coaching candidate. He previously spent four years coaching the Raiders, finishing with a 36-26 record, before spending seven years with the Buccaneers

 the NFL has certified the hire and that Oakland did comply with the rule.,One big question, with the Raiders publicly focusing on Gruden so early, was whether the team had complied with Rooney Rule, requiring the interviewing of minority candidates for the position. According to ESPN’s reporting

” NFL executive vice president of communications Joe Lockhart said during a conference call Friday. “We’ll see what decision they make.”,“We believe the Rooney Rule was complied with. Minority candidates were interviewed

Gruden inherits a team with some talent but there’s plenty of work ahead in rebuilding this franchise to it’s previous glory.

When the late Al Davis hired Art Shell to coach the Raiders, his message was simple: You're a true Raider, and I want you to coach my team. That was it.

His conversation with Tom Flores, the NFL's second-ever Latino head coach, was similar.

When he hired Amy Trask to become the first female team CEO in NFL history, there was no grand talk about gender. He respected her. He hired her. Again, simple.

 "What's it like having a girl working for the team?",Davis' inclusive attitude filtered down throughout the organization. Once,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/brent-celek-jersey-authentic]Womens Brent Celek Jersey[/url], one asked Upshaw, when Trask was watching a Raiders practice with the legendary Gene Upshaw—who was the head of the players union at the time—a group of writers approached. In an attempt to demean Trask

" Upshaw said. "She's a Raider.","She's not a girl

 though.,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/jason-peters-jersey-authentic]Womens Jason Peters Jersey[/url],That spirit is nowhere to be found in Oakland's search for a new head coach

The Raiders will name former Oakland head coach Jon Gruden to be their next head coach. And while they will bring in other candidates in the coming days to retroactively comply with the Rooney Rule—which requires teams to interview a candidate of color for front office and coaching positions—it's all a sham.

Gruden is going to coach the Raiders. The interviews are nothing other than a backward way to comply with a rule Oakland broke. 

 and several expressed their disappointment in the team to B/R.,here is some anger among black assistant coaches and personnel men over what the Raiders are doing

The Raiders are far from alone in making a mockery of the rule. Many teams have. In 2003, the NFL fined then-Lions president Matt Millen $200,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/rodney-mcleod-jersey-authentic]Womens Rodney McLeod Jersey[/url],000 for violating the rule. There were questions surrounding the Browns' hiring of general manager John Dorsey. There have been others. 

What makes this situation different is that the Raiders have long exemplified gender and race equity.

 Al Davis likely would say differently.,Some Raiders fans have argued the franchise deserves a pass on the Rooney Rule because of its remarkable history. The problem is

 much like Oakland is doing here.,The problem with the rule—and one the NFL may not be able to overcome—is that it's hard to stop a team from deciding who it wants as a head coach and then retroactively satisfying the rule

 there are few solutions.,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/nigel-bradham-jersey-authentic]Womens Nigel Bradham Jersey[/url],One suggestion I've heard is to increase the fines for teams and start stripping high-round draft picks. Other than that

 though: Al wouldn't have conducted the coaching search like this.,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/caleb-sturgis-jersey-authentic]Authentic Caleb Sturgis Jersey[/url],We can be sure of one thing

 at least).,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/caleb-sturgis-jersey-authentic]Womens Caleb Sturgis Jersey[/url],It's always good news when NFL head coaches don't get fired. No one wants to see that (from a human standpoint

 it's surprising that only five men have been fired and one retired so far. I was told to expect changes into the double digits.,Still

It appears teams were slowed for two reasons,[url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/brandon-brooks-jersey-authentic]Womens Brandon Brooks Jersey[/url], according to several front office executives. The first was that some clubs believe Ohio State's Urban Meyer, Alabama's Nick Saban or Michigan's Jim Harbaugh will be more receptive to making the jump to the NFL after next season.

 many teams looked at their coaches and didn't see better options.,More to the point

 that's how he's viewed.,Take the case of Hue Jackson in Cleveland. The Browns went 0-16, and Jackson makes some curious coaching decisions, but inside the sport, he's seen as a good coach. Like it or not

That's part of why this offseason has been less hectic than anticipated so far.