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Raiders podcast: Who’s more desperate, Oakland or Dallas?

Raiders podcast: Who’s more desperate, Oakland or Dallas?

On this edition of Inside the Black Hole Podcast, Matt Schneidman and Jerry McDonald break down what continues to ail this Raiders team — namely an underachieving offense.

Is Todd Downing the prime culprit? Can this team lay an egg in front of their reeling home crowd against the Cowboys? Matt and Jerry discuss.

Nicholas Morrow came from Greenville, but he’s no greenhorn.

The undrafted rookie is fast and athletic enough to make the Raiders 53-man roster out of a Division III college,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/gareon-conley-jersey-cheap]Authentic Gareon Conley Jersey[/url], good enough to ascend to a starting role and smart enough to make sure NaVorro Bowman never gets out of his sight.

” Morrow said Thursday. “Just talking to him,“I sit next to Bow during film and I watch how he takes on blocks, it makes me less anxious.”

Out of the seeds of a disappointing season has sprouted a pleasant surprise in Morrow, the Greenville College star who has outperformed the entire Raiders drafted rookie class.

 played 67 snaps against the Kansas City Chiefs,Morrow, 216 pounds),[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/obi-melifonwu-jersey-cheap]Womens Obi Melifonwu Jersey[/url], (6-foot, starting for the fourth time this season at weak side linebacker. He’s played in all 13 games. The rest of the rookie class combined totaled 63 snaps against the Chiefs.

While that may illustrate that the drafted rookies have come in a little light, Morrow is still a remarkable story after playing at a tiny Illinois Christian college before hundreds of fans on Saturdays.

Morrow is the Raiders’ eighth leading tackler with 49 and has a pair of passes defensed and a forced fumble. With Cory James placed on injured reserve,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/david-sharpe-jersey-cheap]Authentic David Sharpe Jersey[/url], Morrow is the likely starter for the last three games of the season.

Not that he’s boasting about it.

Last year’s out of nowhere story was Jalen Richard, at least, the running back who arrived on a tryout and became an integral part of the offense. Richard, came from a Division I school at Southern Miss.

 a fullback who took the road less traveled to become an NFL player,Fullback Jamize Olawale, likes what he sees in terms of makeup.

” Olawale said. “He just does the job. You see what Jalen was able to do last year,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/marshawn-lynch-jersey-cheap]Authentic Marshawn Lynch Jersey[/url],“He’s quiet, humble, hard-working,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/karl-joseph-jersey-cheap]Authentic Karl Joseph Jersey[/url], and that was impressive. Nick came from an even smaller school.”

For complete Oakland Raiders coverage follow us on Flipboard.

000 and 1,Greenville numbers between 1,200 students in a given year — smaller than many of his teammates’ high schools.

So the learning curve has been steep.

“It’s all God, but I think the biggest thing is I understand I’ve got more work to do, man. I see the improvement,” Morrow said. “I think my biggest development has come from watching other guys play.”

Bowman, has been a major influence, who arrived from the 49ers on Oct. 15 after being released, and linebackers coach Sal Sunseri has worked overtime getting Morrow up to NFL speed.

” defensive coordinator John Pagano said. “Bow has really helped him grow,“(He’s) just growing every day, taking that veteran leadership and making him into a guy who is productive. It’s been outstanding to watch.”

But Morrow has also watched tape of players he admires such as LaVonte David of Tampa Bay and Telvin Smith of Carolina. Both are weakside linebackers of similar size and speed who are the kind of players teams are looking for in an era where passing offenses like to spread out the field.

“I try and steal their game a little bit,” Morrow said.

There’s been a lot to steal, considering the last thing Morrow expected was to become an NFL linebacker.

He played a hybrid linebacker/safety position at Greenville, a position devised specifically for his skill set. He was his league’s defensive player of the year as a senior and was so gifted he looked out of place.

 Morrow and those advising him assumed he would be a strong safety. The Raiders weren’t entirely sure either,When it came time to train for his NFL Pro Day, and issued him No. 35 for training camp.

For the Cowboys, but a single loss from here on out pushes their season into a pine box. To say the matchup this weekend is huge is one thing, it's now been over two weeks since they've lost a game -- keeping their slimming Wild Card hopes alive after floundering throughout most of November. They need a lot of help to back into the NFC tournament, but realistically -- there are playoffs and several jobs on the line as well.

Patrik Walker of Dallas Cowboys on 247Sports recently reached out to Oakland Raiders' insider Jeff Smith to get the goods on a team the Cowboys have only played 11 times in the history of the league. What he had to say gives a solid glimpse into what's waiting in The Black Hole for America's Team:

 which is to try to utilize the deep ball. The only problem is,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/gareon-conley-jersey-cheap]Womens Gareon Conley Jersey[/url], The Raiders are going to try to revert back to more of what they did in 2016, one of their biggest deep threats (Amari Cooper) is likely out for this game. It’s going to mean that Cordarrelle Patterson and Johnny Holton are going to be asked to carry a much heavier workload and also beat the Cowboys secondary over the top.

” as is Jared Cook,Michael Crabtree is going to be the “move the chains guy,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/obi-melifonwu-jersey-cheap]Authentic Obi Melifonwu Jersey[/url], so realistically the biggest changes we should expect will be for Carr to take more chances on deep passes in 1-on-1 situations.

PW: Carr will only be effective if he can stay upright, do you foresee him receiving additional attention? Even if that means freeing up others, and the Cowboys aren’t going to allow it if they can help it. With NFL sack leader DeMarcus Lawrence coming to town,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/eddie-vanderdoes-jersey-cheap]Authentic Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey[/url], who could also change the course of the game?

 I could see them possibly keep tight end Lee Smith in the game more to try to at least slow down Lawrence,The Raiders have been pretty consistent with asking their line to hold their own. With that said, it’s going to result in him needing more time. So,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/eddie-vanderdoes-jersey-cheap]Womens Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey[/url], if the Raiders do indeed try to push the ball downfield more, although it’d be a tough task for anyone.

I do think they’ll try to add SOME level of help on Lawrence, which will indeed mean issues .

 playing fast,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/david-sharpe-jersey-cheap]Womens David Sharpe Jersey[/url],There’s been a common euphemism utilized by the Raiders coaching staff this week, talked about that kind of effort and energy, “I’d love to see us just let it rip . . .  Talked about hair on fire,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/marshawn-lynch-jersey-cheap]Womens Marshawn Lynch Jersey[/url], that’s what I believe in” coach Jack Del Rio said during media availability Monday.

Unfortunately, undrafted rookie linebacker Nicholas Morrow seems to be one of a scarce few defenders that have taken Del Rio’s words to heart in 2017.

Morrow finished second on the team with eight tackles (four solo) in his second consecutive start with LB Cory James out of the lineup against the Chiefs Week 14. The rookie should also be finishing the season as the team’s starting will linebacker with James expected to undergo surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

During that Kansas City contest — as well as every chance he’s had at the NFL level — Morrow has regularly demonstrated the type of energy, effort and quick decision-making in coverage that has been lacking at times by several of Oakland’s key players.

“Absolutely. He [Morrow] looks like a kid that has finally made it to the big stage. Putting in a 110 percent effort on every play will keep him there,” Raiders Wire alum and Pro Football Focus’ Austin Gayle said Friday morning when asked if he noticed a difference in Morrow’s passion level as compared to other defenders on the team.

The Oakland Raiders found themselves down 11 points with the ball and 2:39 left in the game in Week 14 against the Kansas City Chiefs. But instead of going deep and trying to get points back that were needed,[url=http://www.raiderscheapstore.com/karl-joseph-jersey-cheap]Womens Karl Joseph Jersey[/url], the Raiders were throwing passes anywhere from 5-11 yards, which wound up running a ton of time, and it wasn't until there were 46 seconds left that Derek Carr threw a deep pass, which was intercepted.

The lack of downfield passing attempts has been head-scratching for a Raiders offense that blew the doors off opposing defenses last season with their downfield passing. This has led to quite a bit of scrutiny on offensive coordinator Todd Downing, who finally addressed the situation on Thursday.

It goes without saying that the blame can't fully go on Downing, but some of it certainly does. This goes beyond just the final drive of the game, as the offense didn't open up the field before that either.

There's an intriguing amount of talent on the Oakland Raiders practice squad, so much so, that one of their players may get picked up by a new team in the very near future. While opponents have been looking into rookie defensive end Fadol Brown out of Ole Miss, no one has made the move to sign him off the team's practice squad just yet.

Brown also made it known that he believes he's "ready to play" when his number is called. Unfortunately, at this point, it seems unlikely that he'll be playing with the Raiders, especially with all the interest he's garnishing elsewhere.

The former Ole Miss pass-rusher racked up 109 combined tackles with 15.5 for loss and four sacks over 30 games. Time will tell how his future looks, but we'll keep you updated if a move winds up happening.