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Redskins needed excellence from Kirk Cousins,With a depleted roster, but didnt get it

Redskins needed excellence from Kirk Cousins,With a depleted roster, but didnt get it
every one of the 70,There were plenty of reasons for the Redskins to lose to the Cowboys,000 people at FedEx Field knew as much.

 in a game with a depleted roster and a devastated offensive line,For Washington to win, Jay Gruden's team would need to play their best. 

Early in the game, it looked like the Redskins had a chance for their first NFC East win of the year.

 the Redskins defense got a turnover and gifted the offense with prime field position. Only the offense couldn't convert, not even a single first down,Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott fumbled his first carry of the game. The first play from scrimmage, and the team settled for a field goal. 

It was a sign of things to come.

 nearly scoring,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/colt-mccoy-jersey-cheap]Authentic Colt McCoy Jersey[/url], disaster struck. The Cowboys blocked a Redskins field goal attempt, a low shot from rookie kicker Nick Rose. Dallas returned the ball more than 80 yards,There was a brief period of prosperity for the Redskins and an early 13-7 lead even. But late in the second quarter, and Elliott punched it in a few plays later. 

 obviously. We could have gone up by nine,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/josh-doctson-jersey-cheap]Authentic Josh Doctson Jersey[/url]," Gruden said after the game. "Instead,"The blocked field goal which was very costly, they got the ball at our one-yard line. That was a big one."

 turnovers and ineffective offense combined with even more injuries to sink the Redskins. Even Chris Thompson, Washington's best player through seven games,In the second half,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/su_a-cravens-jersey-cheap]Authentic Su'a Cravens Jersey[/url], had a fumble. 

 things got worse when guard Shawn Lauvao left the action. The line was a mess, the Redskins couldn't run the ball,In a game that started with a beat up offensive line lacking three starters, and Kirk Cousins didn't play all that great either.  

Cousins' play has become a flash point for Redskins fans. Like the city's biggest business of politics, Cousins has become a divisive topic in Washington. 

His stats show a player that completed 26 of 39 passes for 263 yards to go with one touchdown and one interception. Like he usually does,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/nate-sudfeld-jersey-cheap]Authentic Nate Sudfeld Jersey[/url], Cousins completed more than 65 percent of his passes. 

 Cousins had two near interceptions in the second half,Beyond the stats though, one thrown right after the other. The same thing happened against San Francisco. 

And Cousins also threw a late interception that sealed the loss for the Redskins. The same thing happened last week in Philadelphia. In three of the Redskins four losses, Cousins has thrown a late interception that effectively ended the game. 

 the INT came on a tipped ball. It was hardly Cousins fault,To be fair,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/brandon-scherff-jersey-cheap]Womens Brandon Scherff Jersey[/url], or at least entirely his fault. 

And it's also worth pointing out Cousins played the game in terrible conditions.

 and it was nasty out there on the field when the Redskins passer had the chance to pull off the game-winning drive. Cousins also had a patchwork offensive line, no Jordan Reed or Niles Paul for much of the game,The rain fell fast and hard by the end of the game, and had to deal with wide reciever drops all game.

In no way did Cousins lose the game for the Redskins, but he didn't win it either. 

A few different times now this season, and yes, obviously, Cousins has had the opportunity to go win the game for the Redskins. It's not all on him, but a lot of it is. Quarterbacks get too much credit for wins, they also get too much blame for losses. 

To beat Dallas on Sunday, the Redskins needed the best out of Cousins. They didn't get it. And they didn't win. 

Some games, some teams can win without a great game from their quarterback.

For the Redskins, Sunday's contest against Dallas was not one of those games. 

 the former Redskins wunderkind rehashed his stunning undoing in Washington,Not once did Robert Griffin III mention “Kirk Cousins” or “Jay Gruden.” But in a series of tweets Sunday night, with a coach he feels always had a penchant for his understudy.

 reliving bits of the 2014 season, after watching from home as the Redskins fell to Dallas 33-19, opened up about the conclusion of his fall from star rookie to run out of D.C.,Griffin, Gruden’s first as Redskins head coach and Griffin’s last as the future of the franchise.

” Griffin said, his point becoming clear. “I asked these questions to prove a point. Coaches do what they believe in. You gotta respect that. After looking back at 2014,“Question for my Football experts….Is a coach supposed to tailor his offense to the skill set of his starter or his backup? Please @ me, I get it now.”

 saying he takes responsibility for his plunge,Griffin said he has come to terms with losing the team he once owned, but seemed to indicate Gruden put him in a position that he could not win.

 his electric rookie season in 2012 giving way to injuries, giving way to ineffectiveness,The now 27-year-old has fallen completely out of football, giving way to a coaching change that saw him yanked and Cousins inserted. Griffin spent an injury-plagued 2016 with Cleveland and hasn’t gotten much of an NFL look since.

I came here to work with you,'” Griffin wrote about Gruden,“Shook my hand in 2014 and told me , who took over for Mike Shanahan in 2014. “Went to his press conference and said he wasn’t sure about me. … I just wasn’t his guy. But I completely get a coach who believes in a player and has that players back no matter what. Much love.”

Griffin’s account is a curious one. He seems to place the blame on Gruden, who started Griffin that season before the quarterback dislocated his ankle. Gruden turned to Cousins — and then to Colt McCoy when Cousins was ineffective.

 believing Cousins the better option than the former Heisman Trophy winner,Yet Griffin implied Gruden never gave him a chance, and suggesting Gruden adjusted his playbook to fit Cousins’ drop-back style over Griffin’s dual-threat.

” Griffin said at one point, insisting he’s moved on,“Not bitter at all, saying he still loves Washington and talks with many of the players.

“In D.C. It got weird for a lot of reasons,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/colt-mccoy-jersey-cheap]Womens Colt McCoy Jersey[/url],” Griffin wrote. “Browns decided to go younger. I have learned A LOT. I gotta stay healthy. It’s that simple.”

 or recency bias, or the inherent fickleness of the human condition just makes it darn near impossible,Something about that 16-game schedule, even when you’re a calm and rational person and you’re earnestly trying not to overreact.

For example,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/kendall-fuller-jersey-cheap]Authentic Kendall Fuller Jersey[/url], last season, not one. Don’t decide whether Kirk Cousins is a star or just a guy until December or January. Don’t even think about judging draft picks before Thanksgiving. Don’t be such a simpleton that when the Redskins win, I kind of promised myself not to be such a spas this season. You know: make the big conclusions after 16 games, they’re good,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/josh-doctson-jersey-cheap]Womens Josh Doctson Jersey[/url], then good, then possibly very good, then bad, then at least okay, I recall thinking that the Redskins were bad, but really. And so after the season ended, then bad, then astoundingly bad — and that was just during the first half of their win at the Giants! No, and when they lose,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/nate-sudfeld-jersey-cheap]Womens Nate Sudfeld Jersey[/url], they’re bad.

So how’s that going?

 genuinely threatening to ascend to the No. 1 spot in NFL power rankings — I googled February flights to Minneapolis and wondered whether it was too soon for another Bandwagon retrospective. And right now — with 13 injured players,During the first half in Kansas City — when the Redskins were actually, [url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/su_a-cravens-jersey-cheap]Womens Su'a Cravens Jersey[/url],assuming no one has gotten hurt during the typing of this sentence — I’m having trouble imagining better than a 7-9 record. Though even imagining a 4-5 finish probably makes me an optimist right now.

 and injuries aside,That said,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/brandon-scherff-jersey-cheap]Authentic Brandon Scherff Jersey[/url], could the Redskins have played better Sunday?

I mean, I guess they could have gained more than nine yards on three plays after a gift fumble on Dallas’s opening drive; not committed a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty; not dropped a long pass to a open receiver; not overthrown a different open receiver; not given the Cowboys three chances for a game-clinching interception; not allowed a field goal attempt to be blocked; not allowed that blocked field goal to be returned nearly for a touchdown; not fumbled a kickoff; and not missed an extra point.

A lot of those things seem to involve special teams, huh?

You said it. Although don’t think those special teams issues were distinct from the injury epidemic.

Was there another agonizing special teams miscue?

 and the Cowboys wound up with the ball at the 43. It doesn’t go in the books as a crippling 30-yard special teams penalty. But it was a crippling 30-yard special teams penalty, anyhow. Late in the third quarter, Tress Way launched a brilliant 63-yard punt that was downed at the Dallas 13-yard line. But an illegal touching penalty against a Redskins rookie caused a re-kick,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/kendall-fuller-jersey-cheap]Womens Kendall Fuller Jersey[/url],At least one, and it led to a field goal that turned a one-score game into a two-score game as conditions were deteriorating.

 which would have given Washington the ball at their own 40. But that would have been a very,Game analyst Chris Cooley also dinged Chris Thompson for not stepping out of bounds while fielding a short kickoff to the corner later in the third quarter, very tricky maneuver.

Why did Jay Gruden call a timeout with 1:45 left in the first half and the ball near midfield, a decision that eventually resulted in the Cowboys getting the ball back with 59 seconds still on the clock?

 why did he? I guess he assumed his offense wouldn’t be able to go 53 yards — or 20 yards to get in field-goal range — in a minute and 45 seconds? That just doesn’t seem to be how most NFL teams operate, though. Most teams seem to wait until the need is acute and the situation more clear,Why did Jay Gruden call that timeout? Really, especially if their offense has a bit of two-minute momentum.

Anyhow, as it turned out. But still, and an incompletion, after a bad second-down play, and 70 percent of fans likely assumed something terrible would result. There was no damage, the Redskins had to punt with a whopping 70 seconds left in the half, why would you call that timeout? I don’t understand.

Why does it bother me so much that the Redskins have made a tradition out of a “Sweet Caroline” sing-along?

 an attempt so inorganic and top-down and derivative that you almost feel guilty enjoying it. I spent last week watching insane D.C. United fans scream themselves hoarse in the RFK concourse,Why does that bother me so much? I guess it’s because it seems like such a brazen attempt to latch on to a tradition that’s already entrenched in other cities, which felt as different from a canned “Sweet Caroline” sing-along as RFK does from FedEx Field.

But maybe I’m crazy. People seem to enjoy it. Maybe I should just go sign up for a Redskins Rewards credit card and keep quiet.

 staying until the end and dominating the sideline views when Washington is winning. And by the end of Sunday’s game, it felt like maybe 80 percent Cowboys fans in the lower bowl. Even Cooley described the crowd as 50-50 Redskins fans at best,That’s an open question. We’ve seen Redskins fans invade Dallas’s monstrous new stadium repeatedly in recent years, which is not the ratio anyone in Washington was looking for.

 these huge stadiums, and these erratic teams have just destroyed home-field advantage in this series. The home team has gone 1-6 in the past seven Redskins-Cowboys games,But that’s the new normal. This modern era, and 4-9 in the last 13.