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Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig invite 49ers fans to run for a cause

Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig invite 49ers fans to run for a cause

With the 49ers on a bye this weekend, Ronnie Lott and Roger Craig are encouraging fans to work on their running game.

They are among the former stars behind the Golden Heart 4.9K, a 3-mile run/walk on Sunday. The finish line of the 9 a.m. race is the 49-yard line of Levi’s Stadium.

Proceeds from the event will provide “support and relief” for former 49ers coping with a physical ailment or financial hardship in retirement. Dwight Clark will be among the ex-players slated to attend the event.

” Lott, the Hall of Fame defensive back,“We need to come together as a 49er family to lift those who once lifted our community, said in recently released video.

 who made four Pro Bowls as a running back,Craig, remains an avid runner in retirement. He’s planning to run the race and will serve as the master of ceremonies.

 in a phone interview,[url=http://www.titansfootballauthentic.com/demarco-murray-jersey-authentic]Womens DeMarco Murray Jersey[/url], said he plans to keep an eye out for runners in need of a spiritual lead block: “I love encouraging people. You get across that finish line,Craig, you get a nice medal and you have this sense of accomplishment. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Thankfully, Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts all getting the week off. From a fantasy football perspective,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/sean-taylor-jersey-cheap]Womens Sean Taylor Jersey[/url], with the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, you shouldn’t be losing too much production. However,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/ryan-kerrigan-jersey-cheap]Womens Ryan Kerrigan Jersey[/url], some of the league’s top quarterbacks will face some difficult matchups, the bye weeks are over after Week 11, impacting not only their own performance, but those receivers who rely on them for opportunities as well.

Marquise Goodwin’s memory from the celebratory 49ers locker room Sunday afternoon is hazy.

It’s easy to understand why the wide receiver’s recollection from after San Francisco’s first win would be a bit murky,[url=http://www.seahawkscheapstore.com/steve-largent-jersey-cheap]Womens Steve Largent Jersey[/url], considering he and his wife lost their son due to pregnancy complications Sunday morning.

What Goodwin does recall will likely be interesting to those touched by his play in the San Francisco’s first victory and the ensuing heartfelt announcement about the tragedy.

” Goodwin said Wednesday in an interview with NFL Network. “I was thankful for the win but it was still a moment that I didn’t really get to indulge in. I was last one in the locker room. I walked in and everyone was partying, and I was happy for them. But I went and sat at my locker while everybody was partying. I was just praying to God and thanking him for that opportunity. I shed a few tears,“My mind was everywhere at the time, messaged my wife to check on her, then I went over for Kyle’s speech.”

Asked why he didn’t share his difficult personal situation with most of his teammates before the game,[url=http://www.seahawkscheapstore.com/russell-wilson-jersey-cheap]Womens Russell Wilson Jersey[/url], Goodwin noted not wanting to be a distraction.

“I didn’t want to make anything about me,” Goodwin said. “It’s a wonderful organization I play for and I’m thankful I get to be a part of that. This is not about me. I don’t want to bring my personal issues to the field during game time. I don’t want to take focus from anybody else.

“Even my cousin, and he said, cuz, ‘Hey, I’m going to play for you and this baby.’ He had a great game as well,” Goodwin said. “Having such a great support system like my teammates, (49ers safety) Adrian (Colbert) found out at the last minute, coaches and organization from ownership all the way down, it speaks volumes about this organization. It’s more than just football. This is a family — win, lose or draw.”

 a lot of people don’t know what that means,” Goodwin said. “People outside the organization or outside of football, they don’t know how hard it is to win in this league,“For him to get his first win as a head coach, such a high-caliber athletes and elite group of people competing each week. So when we get those moments, we have to embrace them.”

 on such a tragic day,Shanahan was amazed that, Goodwin could contribute he did — including an 83-yard touchdown catch and throwing a block that sprung another score.

” the coach said Monday, “to have those whole emotions,“For a guy to go through that, to go the whole night before not really sleeping much, then come out there and have very pivotal plays in the game and make a huge difference — that says a lot about the guy.”

After the 49ers received an unexpected gift just before the holiday season, the question remains: When will they unwrap it?

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t played in two games since he was acquired the day before Halloween and there’s no guarantee he’ll start the next game against the Seahawks on Nov. 26, three days after Thanksgiving.

 at the start of the 49ers’ bye week,On Monday, head coach Kyle Shanahan indicated C.J. Beathard’s performance in a 31-21 win over the Giants on Sunday could push Garoppolo’s debut into December.

” Shanahan said. “C.J. played pretty well — I thought he had his best game. I think he’s gotten better each week in practice, and I think it showed in the game. I thought the guys played around him their best game,“We'll see how practice goes next week, too, which definitely makes it easier to keep everyone out there and keep that going.”

Shanahan has identified Garoppolo’s unfamiliarity with the playbook as the primary reason he has stayed sidelined. And Garoppolo will spend the bye week in Santa Clara working with Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello to continue his education.

Garoppolo will throw to teammates who will also stay in the Bay Area during the bye. Wide receiver Trent Taylor (ribs) and George Kittle (ankle) are rehabbing and wide receiver Louis Murphy signed with the team just last week.

” Shanahan said. “We'll get to work more one-on-one with him,“We'll see how Jimmy responds this week,[url=http://www.titansfootballauthentic.com/demarco-murray-jersey-authentic]Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey[/url], get a little extra practice (next) Monday and see how it goes. We'll have our game plan done Monday and Tuesday and we’ll start practicing our game plan Wednesday.”

On Sunday morning, who broke the news of Garoppolo’s trade from the Patriots, ESPN’s Adam Schefter,[url=http://www.seahawkscheapstore.com/steve-largent-jersey-cheap]Authentic Steve Largent Jersey[/url], reported that the 49ers were targeting the Nov. 26 game against Seattle for Garoppolo’s debut. Shanahan was asked if that was accurate after the win over the Giants.

“That’s not my plan,” Shanahan said. “I don’t have a plan yet. There’s no way anything you guys hear reported could be accurate because I just told you guys our plan,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/sean-taylor-jersey-cheap]Authentic Sean Taylor Jersey[/url], which is we’re going to evaluate when it gets to that time. So it depends where Jimmy is at that time.”

As Shanahan suggested, it’s possible Beathard’s performance in his fourth career start Sunday could have earned him at least one more game. The rookie third-round pick completed 19 of 25 passes for 288 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

Beathard also rushed a for a touchdown,[url=http://www.seahawkscheapstore.com/12th-fan-jersey-cheap]Authentic 12th Fan Jersey[/url],becoming the first 49ers quarterback since Colin Kaepernick in 2013 to have a rushing score in back-to-back games. In addition, Beathard’s first-half passer rating (157.8) was the best by a 49ers quarterback since Alex Smith posted a 158.3 rating in 2012.

Beathard has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches for his attitude, toughness and ability. And replacing him after a career-best performance could make for an awkward transition.

Also,[url=http://www.seahawkscheapstore.com/12th-fan-jersey-cheap]Womens 12th Fan Jersey[/url], Shanahan has made it clear he’s in no rush to see him in action. That’s partly because the 49ers (1-9) aren’t playing for high stakes, since acquiring Garoppolo, but also because Shanahan doesn’t have a desperate need to evaluate Garoppolo before the offseason.

Shanahan studied Garoppolo extensively before the 2014 draft, and pored over video of his NFL career before approaching the Patriots about a trade for Garoppolo in February. After the 49ers were initially rebuffed, Shanahan and general manager John Lynch leapt at the chance to get him for a second-round pick.

Shanahan has since said the 49ers made the deal with a long-term view in mind.

“I know that we have a guy that we’re excited about and I know has the ability to really help us and help this team in the future,[url=http://www.seahawkscheapstore.com/russell-wilson-jersey-cheap]Authentic Russell Wilson Jersey[/url],” Shanahan said Nov. 1. “…We did this because we feel this will improve our team and our organization.”

Regardless of when Garoppolo debuts, the 49ers suddenly appear to have two young quarterbacks who will be part of their rebuilding process. If nothing else, a commodity many teams lack. In a trying season, Beathard appears to be a capable backup, it’s been a welcome development for Shanahan, who nine months ago inherited a team without a quarterback under contract.

“Been excited about C.J. since we drafted him, having both of those guys here,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/ryan-kerrigan-jersey-cheap]Authentic Ryan Kerrigan Jersey[/url], ” Shanahan said. “Been very excited about Jimmy since we had the opportunity to get him. So, I'm very excited about our room.”

Eric Reid, a Christian athlete with the San Francisco 49ers, is calling out the hypocrisy of Christians who have denounced NFL players for protesting police brutality and systemic racism.

Reid, one of the first to join his then-teammate Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem last year, cited the Bible to make his point.

“I do see some hypocrisy with the people that call themselves Christians,” Reid, told The Associated Press in an interview released Monday. “If you know Jesus, 25, he went into the house of God and turned over the tables and was angry and said they made the house of God into a marketplace so I would say this is something that He would do.”

Reid was referring to a story that appears in multiple books of the New Testament. The passages tell of Christ entering the Temple in Jerusalem and driving out the merchants and money changers. In the Gospel of John, he’s described as fashioning a “whip of cords” to drive out the animals in the Temple, and turning over the money changers’ tables.

It’s one of the few passages in the Gospels where Jesus demonstrates righteous anger and fury. Christians have varying interpretations of the passage, but many take it as an act of social protest ― a revolutionary warning against those who would take advantage of the poor and oppressed.

Reid said that his faith moved him to take a knee during the national anthem to protest police killings of unarmed black Americans.

“The Bible talks very explicitly in Proverbs about being the voice of the voiceless and speaking up for the vulnerable,” Reid told GQ in a feature on Kaepernick published this week. “Another verse is: ‘Faith without works is dead.’ I guess selfishly I’m trying to get to heaven.”

Reid had previously told the AP that faith is “the foundation of why we started doing this.” Kaepernick, has spoken at length about the role faith plays in his life. Religion and political advocacy are not mutually exclusive: It’s possible for a devout Christian to see Jesus not only as a spiritual savior and a healer, for his part, but also as a great liberator who came to earth to proclaim good news to the poor and set the captive free.

The protests have drawn heavy criticism from some NFL fans and owners. Some Christian leaders have accused protesting athletes of being unpatriotic. President Donald Trump has suggested that players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired. 

But Benjamin Watson, a player for the Baltimore Ravens who has been standing during the anthem, told the AP that the athletes involved in the movement aren’t traitors. They just “want this country to be better on some things.”

“We talk about what Jesus would do. Let’s think about that,” he said. “If you listen or think about the subject matter that players and people are concerned about, you could not as someone who reads Scripture turn a blind eye to it.”


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