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Sunday Morning QB: If Jets dont win Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, Josh McCown would love to come back

Sunday Morning QB: If Jets dont win Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, Josh McCown would love to come back

Cousins will soon become the highest paid player in the history of the NFL, $135 million deal he signed with Detroit last year. Cousins has not won a playoff game. Neither has Stafford nor Oakland’s Derek Carr, surpassing Matthew Stafford’s $27 million average in the five-year, who briefly last year was No. 1 at $25 million per year with his five-year $125 million deal.

The Jets are expected to be big-time players for Cousins, one of the rare potential franchise quarterbacks to hit the market as an unrestricted free agent in the 25 years the system has been in place. I think Cousins will wind up in Denver after John Elway gives him the same sales pitch that got him Peyton Manning in 2012. The Broncos might give him the best chance to win and also win the bidding war by spending the most money to entice him.

The best case scenario is to bring back Josh McCown and move up from the No. 6 spot in the first round to the Colts’ pick at No. 3, which will guarantee them a choice of Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield after the likely scenario of the Browns and Giants taking Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen off the board at 1-2.

McCown, who had not spoken to the media since the end of the season, told the Daily News at the Super Bowl that he very much wants to come back to the Jets and will be more than willing to mentor whoever is in the quarterback room with him

” McCown said. “If it works out,“I had the best year of my career and I love the people there and the organization, I would love to be there. There are decisions that everybody has to make and that’s the business side of it. We’ll see how it goes, but I loving being there for sure. I feel we did a lot of good things this year. We built some momentum. It’s kind of unfinished business.”

 then it’s likely they will want a cheaper alternative as his backup after spending so much to get him.,If the Jets sign Cousins

McCown will be 39 on July 4. He missed the final three games after breaking his left hand in a 23-0 loss in Denver. His hand is still in a wrap but he says “it’s healing up well. We’ll see what the doctors say in a few weeks.”

He was 5-8 as the Jets starter with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

“I’d be great with it. Whoever is in that room I’m going to help as much as I can, give away my experiences and help them have the best chance they can have at a good career,” McCown said. “Whatever the case is, I’m all-in. I really enjoyed being part of the Jets organization and being in New York. I want nothing more than to see that place succeed, so whatever I can do to have a role in that, I would love to be there.”

Tom Brady turned 40 1/2 on Saturday. Eli Manning turned 37 on Jan. 3. Brady is getting better as he’s getting older. Manning’s play slipped last season. Does he gain motivation seeing how Brady is playing at such a high level at such an advanced age? “Yeah. Just knowing how my body feels,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/chandler-catanzaro-jersey-cheap]Womens Chandler Catanzaro Jersey[/url], body feels good, Patriots owner Robert Kraft was talking to Galynn on Facetime on their cell phones. He was telling her what an inspiration she was for the Patriots. He said he had a gift for her. Tom then presented his mother with a Super Bowl ring. Kraft is a mensch... The temperature at kickoff for Super Bowl LII is forecast to be zero. As in no degrees. Which is not a lot of degrees. Good thing the game is indoors.,” he said. “I still can make throws,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/demario-davis-jersey-cheap]Womens DeMario Davis Jersey[/url], Cal., in the offseason with his mother Galynn, who a year ago was given clearance by her cancer doctors just days before the Super Bowl to attend the game in Houston. When the Patriots were in the midst of their monumental comeback,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/kony-ealy-jersey-cheap]Authentic Kony Ealy Jersey[/url], can still run around and train and do everything I have to do. I don’t have any indication that it’s going to slow down. Or just all of a sudden have a big drop off.”... Really touching scene from the “Tom vs. Time” documentary on Facebook about Brady. He was sitting at the kitchen table at his parents’ home in San Mateo, Julian Edelman said to Brady, “Let’s win it for your mom.” A few months later

The Browns offered the Chiefs a second-round pick for Alex Smith before he was traded to Washington for a third-round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller. Washington then committed to Smith by signing him to a four-year, there is no way new GM John Dorsey is passing on a quarterback with the overall first pick. If he tries to get creative and take Penn State RB Saquon Barkley at No. 1,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/jermaine-kearse-jersey-cheap]Authentic Jermaine Kearse Jersey[/url], possibly the Jets or Broncos... It was not realistic that Washington was going to use the franchise tag on Cousins a third time because it would have cost $34.5 million. Cousins wanted to wait and see how free agency played out. Washington decided to trade for Smith instead. Now Cousins is likely to have four or five teams come after him in free agency. “It’s a unique experience that may only happen one time in my career, $94 million deal with $71 million guaranteed. If the Browns had acquired Smith, they were not willing to make that kind of financial commitment because they still plan to take a QB with the No. 1 pick. Smith had one year at $17 million left on his contract and would have been the transition QB in Cleveland much like it turned out in his final year with KC after they took Patrick Mahomes in the first round in 2017... After the Browns traded away the chance to take Carson Wentz in 2016 and Deshaun Watson in 2017,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/wesley-walker-jersey-cheap]Authentic Wesley Johnson Jersey[/url], he could potentially wind up taking the fourth QB off the board after the Giants take Darnold/Rosen and the Colts trade the pick to the loser of the Cousins Sweepstakes, we want to enjoy it, but I certainly do look forward to the opportunity if it comes.”,” Cousins told Sirius XM. “As a result, take full advantage, make sure to make the right decision. We don’t know how it’s going to end so it’s hard to say right now

Next year’s Super Bowl is in Atlanta followed by Miami, Blank said he confronted Kraft about that little diamond dig.” I said to Robert, the mall became a meeting place in the evening for Patriots and Eagles to bump into each other., Tampa and Los Angeles. I expect New York to make a bid when the next round of Super Bowls are awarded... Falcons owner Arthur Blank didn’t appreciate Kraft putting 283 diamonds in the Super Bowl LI championship rings. The 283 represents the 28-3 deficit that the Patriots came back from to beat the Falcons. In a New York Times story last week,’” Blank said. “It kind of pissed me off.” Blank would perhaps be even angrier if he knew on the night of the Patriots season opener, the scoreboard at Gillette Stadium said before the game: ATL 28 NE 3 2:12 3Q. Advice to Blank: If you want to prevent teams from making fun of your team, “‘You didn’t have to do the 28-3 in the ring, don’t blow 25-point leads in the Super Bowl... This was the Mall of America Super Bowl week. The Patriots’ hotel was attached to one end of the mall and the Eagles’ hotel was attached to the other. The media room was on the second floor of the mall, closer to the Patriots. Minneapolis is a nice city but with temperatures right around zero

Before Jeffrey Lurie wanted to be the Eagles owner, Kraft outbid Lurie — they are both from the Boston area — by paying $172 million. A few months later, he wanted to own the Patriots. Back in 1994, Lurie bought the Eagles for $195 million... NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith issued a warning last week about where the collective bargaining negotiations could be headed with the 10-year deal expiring after the 2020 season. “We prepare for war, exhausting elements that come out of two parties that want fundamentally different things. So I could never imagine a world where you would simply put on a page on the back of it that says, this should be fun.,” he said. One huge issue will be commissioner discipline. The union fought and eventually lost the Brady and Zeke Elliott cases. The players believe Roger Goodell has way too much power deciding suspensions. Smith has eliminated the idea of simply extending the current agreement. He said negotiations “are grinding, ‘This document is now extended until 2035.’” Well

 34,Mangold, did not deny the report,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/chandler-catanzaro-jersey-cheap]Authentic Chandler Catanzaro Jersey[/url], but posted a statement on Twitter Thursday afternoon that said he has decided not to run.

“I am not running for Congress. While it would be an amazing opportunity and honor to serve the people of New Jersey’s District 11, I am not at a place where I could commit to that,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/demario-davis-jersey-cheap]Authentic DeMario Davis Jersey[/url],” he said. “I like to investigate every opportunity that comes to me and this one will not go any further. However I do appreciate the support that was given in my short period of possibly thinking about running for Congress.”

Mangold,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/kony-ealy-jersey-cheap]Womens Kony Ealy Jersey[/url], a registered Republican, was being recruited to run by Essex County Republican Chairman Al Barlas.

“He’s intrigued by the idea. He has to think it over and talk with his wife,” Barlas told Politico. “After an 11-year playing career and a college career,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/terrence-brooks-jersey-cheap]Authentic Terrence Brooks Jersey[/url], he’s enjoying being at home with his wife and kids.”

Mangold, an Ohio native who currently resides in New Jersey, publicly stumped for Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Donald Trump during his 11-year career with the Jets.

 however,He did,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/terrence-brooks-jersey-cheap]Womens Terrence Brooks Jersey[/url], tend to avoid answering questions about politics, particularly when it came to Trump’s controversial policies.

That’s because Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels backed out of an agreement to become head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The entire saga reminded some of when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick resigned as New York Jets head coach back in 2000 before coming to New England.

Patricia, meanwhile,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/jermaine-kearse-jersey-cheap]Womens Jermaine Kearse Jersey[/url], isn’t trying to be Belichick.

“Just as far as coach Belichick is concerned, I’ll say this: He’s one of the most amazing coaches I’ve ever been around,” Patricia said in Wednesday’s news conference. “The way that he looks at the game, his vision of the game,[url=http://www.jetscheapstore.com/wesley-walker-jersey-cheap]Womens Wesley Johnson Jersey[/url], the way he sees the game move and change before it actually does, it’s unbelievable. I’ll say this: There’s only one coach Belichick. That’s it. He’s amazing. He’s in New England. I’m Matt Patricia. I’m kind of my own person. I’m my own guy. I’ve got my own style.”

Patricia, at least so far, isn’t sniping any Patriots coaches for his staff with the Lions. Two former Patriots assistants, George Godsey and Jeff Davidson, will be on his staff, however.

Patricia trimmed his beard for his news conference and paused for a moment to “get comfortable” by putting a pencil behind his ear.