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Travis Kelce, Charcandrick West say goodbye to Alex Smith

Travis Kelce, Charcandrick West say goodbye to Alex Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs agreed to a blockbuster trade with the Washington Redskins Tuesday night that according to reports will send quarterback Alex Smith to Washington in exchange for cornerback Kendall Fuller and a third-round pick. The trade will bring multiple benefits to the Chiefs, the Chiefs will be clearing $17 million in much-needed cap space. But it also means Chiefs players will be saying goodbye to one of their team leaders and a player who earned the respect of many in the locker room in Alex Smith., as in addition to the impressive haul coming to Kansas City in exchange for Smith

Cousins played under the franchise tag the last two seasons in D.C. and was set to become a free agent this off-season. There was talk that the Redskins could franchise Cousins for a third season, but with the move last night to acquire Smith the “Cousins Era” in D.C. is over and now the question becomes where will he land.

The Broncos were going to go after Cousins before last night’s trade, it does mean the Broncos have one less team to compete with., and while the news of Smith-to-Washington doesn’t guarantee Cousins-to-Denver

Cousins will have plenty of suitors with teams like Arizona, Jacksonville, but having Washington out of the picture bolsters the Broncos chances of landing the prized free agent., Cleveland and the New York Jets reportedly interested in his services

The Smith-to-Washington trade also takes away the possibility of the Broncos signing Smith.

Smith had one year left on his deal in Kansas City, which would have made him a free agent and Denver likely would have been in the mix to sign him., but there was the possibility that the Chiefs could have released him

Fewer free agent options might mean a higher price for Cousins, and while Smith, there are plenty of Broncos fans who would have welcomed him to Denver with open arms.,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/mike-evans-jersey-cheap]Authentic Mike Evans Jersey[/url], who turns 34 in May, spent the past five seasons as a division rival

One thing that is important to note is that no deal can be finalized until the new league year begins on March 14.

With Alex Smith betrothed to the Redskins, the Browns will now turn their attention to Kirk Cousins and other veteran quarterbacks to help them win in 2018.

Up to this point,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/o.-j.-howard-jersey-cheap]Authentic O. J. Howard Jersey[/url], the Browns were focused on Smith, and starting cornerback Kendall Fuller for the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback., even offering the Chiefs one of their three second-round picks for him. Washington gave up a third-round pick, No. 13 in that round

Their ace in the hole was a blockbuster four-year extension for Smith worth $94 million,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/justin-evans-jersey-cheap]Authentic Justin Evans Jersey[/url], because they have the No. 1 overall pick and will likely draft a quarterback., including $71 million guaranteed. The Browns weren't prepared to make that kind of financial commitment

But now, and they might have to change their strategy., the game has changed

Instead of pursuing a bridge quarterback who can win until their top pick is ready,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/chris-godwin-jersey-cheap]Authentic Chris Godwin Jersey[/url], who's set to become a free agent in March., the Browns might have to throw big money at Washington's Cousins

But the Browns certainly have the money -- more than $110 million in cap space -- to make Cousins, an offer that would be hard to refuse., 29

Teams can enter into negotiations for free agents on March 12 and complete the deal on March 14. If the Browns somehow land Cousins, and it won't be easy,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/desean-jackson-jersey-cheap]Authentic DeSean Jackson Jersey[/url], they could always then try to trade the No. 1 pick in this QB rich draft and have multiple first-rounders again next year., it could alter their draft strategy. If they like him better than any of the quarterbacks in draft

If the Browns can convince Cousins that they'll sign other top-notch free agents, including receivers, perhaps he'll come around., and add four or more potential Pro Bowlers in the first two rounds of the draft

But listening to his interviews on the Super Bowl Radio Row Tuesday leads one to believe that 1-31 will be a hard sell.

Cousins echoed those sentiments on The Jim Rome Show later the afternoon, hours before news of the trade agreement broke.

"Ultimately this decision going forward is about winning games, so I want to go win. That can be Washington. It really can. (Winning is) what I'll be remembered for. That's what's going to matter.'','' Cousins said. "I've had an opportunity to earn a good living playing football

Doug Pederson was Alex Smith’s offensive coordinator when the two were together in Kansas City for three seasons, but now the Eagles coach will have to game plan against his former quarterback after Tuesday’s news that the Redskins have acquired Smith from Kansas City.

“I just hate that we’ve got to play him twice a year,” Pederson said Wednesday at his Super Bowl media briefing. “I’m happy for Alex. I had the chance to work with him for three years obviously. I’m excited and happy for him. I think it’s a great honor for him and the Redskins, and I’m excited to again have him in our division and to be able to coach against him again.”, and he’s going to do fine. He’s a pro’s pro. He’s going to come in and he’s going to demand perfection with the guys he’s working with

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, called Smith a “great quarterback.”, who was Smith’s backup last season in Kansas City

“Washington is very fortunate to have a quarterback in Alex Smith,” Foles said. “My year with him was one of my favorite years in football. It was being there in Kansas City and being able to work with him. Seeing a guy that for some reason people critique him all the time. The guy’s a winner. Look at him. Look at what he did this year. He keeps coming. He keeps getting better. I was with him. I worked with him every day. He’s one of the smartest players I’ve ever played with, leadership in the locker room. He can turn a locker room around and guys believe in him. So Washington’s getting a great quarterback. I’m excited for him and his opportunity. This league is crazy. You never know what’s going to happen.”, one of the most athletic guys, can make plays. But most importantly

 while giving up 296 points on defense. Philadelphia put up 457 points in its 16 regular season games,It’s difficult to comprehend just how close these two teams were to each other without looking more closely at the above statistics. New England scored 458 total points this season, while surrendering 295 on defense. Yes, three touchdowns and no interceptions in the NFC Championship against the league’s No. 1 defense this season in the Minnesota Vikings., most of Philadelphia’s production on offense this season came with Carson Wentz under center. But as he has shown us during Philly’s first two postseason games,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/mike-evans-jersey-cheap]Womens Mike Evans Jersey[/url], Nick Foles is no slouch. Foles just completed 78.8 percent of his passes for 352 yards

It will be important for the Patriots to give a little extra attention to several Eagles players if New England wants to bring home their second consecutive Super Bowl Championship. Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox racked up 5.5 sacks, and two fumble recoveries this season, a forced fumble,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/justin-evans-jersey-cheap]Womens Justin Evans Jersey[/url], and was an absolute force in the middle of Philadelphia’s defensive line. Cox was named to his third straight Pro Bowl, while also picking up the third second-team All-Pro selection of his career. He is likely going to cause problems for New England’s offensive line throughout the game on Sunday. In the secondary, [url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/chris-godwin-jersey-cheap]Womens Chris Godwin Jersey[/url],Tom Brady is going to have to watch out for cornerback Ronald Darby. Acquired by the Eagles during the preseason, defended nine passes,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/o.-j.-howard-jersey-cheap]Womens O. J. Howard Jersey[/url], Darby dislocated his ankle during the team’s Week 1 victory over the Redskins, forcing him to the sidelines until he made his return in Week 11. Over the final seven games of the regular season, the 24-year-old corner made 33 combined tackles,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/kendell-beckwith-jersey-cheap]Authentic Kendell Beckwith Jersey[/url], and recorded three interceptions.

 they are going to have to attempt to limit the production of a few key New England players. There is no question that Rob Gronkowski is one of the most talented players in the NFL. The 6-foot-6 tight end pulled in 69 receptions for 1,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/desean-jackson-jersey-cheap]Womens DeSean Jackson Jersey[/url],In order for the Eagles to bring home their first Super Bowl title,084 yards and eight touchdowns this season. Despite having to leave the AFC Championship with a concussion, but also lean on him heavily in the run game., Gronk is expected to be cleared to play before Sunday. That is great news for the Patriots,[url=http://www.buccaneerscheapstore.com/kendell-beckwith-jersey-cheap]Womens Kendell Beckwith Jersey[/url], who not only rely on him in the passing game

Gronkowski is one of the best run-blocking tight ends in the NFL, and was a big reason why the Patriots finished the regular season with a top-10 run offense. The three-man running back committee of Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead, and James White combined to carry the ball 287 times for 1, as the three backs caught a total of 118 receptions for 897 yards and an additional nine touchdowns. Philly’s top-ranked rushing defense will have their hands full with this trio on Sunday.,331 yards and 11 touchdowns during the regular season, and also played a significant role in the passing game. Brady targeted his running backs early and often throughout the season

When asked what he was able to do at practice, he replied, “Everything, I was cleared, I was able to do everything I was scheduled to do out on the field, will be full-go, so I will be ready to roll in the game, ready to roll.”

Also for the Patriots, defensive lineman Deatrich Wise  was also a full participant. Defensive backs Malcolm Butler  and Brandon King were also full participants after practicing on a limited basis Wednesday.

According to the pool report, which was injured before the AFC title game., quarterback Tom Brady again practiced with only black tape and no glove on his right hand