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Vance Joseph has slim chance of being retained

Vance Joseph has slim chance of being retained

Denver is expected to make many changes to its staff this offseason, the Broncos will finish either 6-10 or 5-11., perhaps starting with Joseph. Depending on the result of Sunday’s season finale against the Kansas City Chiefs

That probably won’t be good enough for Joseph to earn a second year with the team. Denver is just two years removed from a Super Bowl win and one year removed from a 9-7 season that was nearly good enough to reach the postseason.

To be fair to Joseph, particularly at quarterback. But the first-time head coach could have made quarterback changes earlier in the season or he could have lobbied for bringing in another option., he wasn’t put in a great situation with the roster he inherited

Instead, Joseph stuck with Trevor Siemian probably longer than he should have, which may have ultimately cost him his job, fair or not.

 In his first public comments since his worst season as a general manager, honesty and candor as he attempts to execute a rebound. , John Elway showed humility

Elway admitted he considered multiple options before retaining embattled coach Vance Joseph, ultimately believing Joseph, with a revamped coaching staff, will improve.

"There’s nobody happier than me that 2017 is over. Maybe Vance," Elway said. "As I told Vance many times, he was drinking through a fire hose when you go through learning what it takes to be a head coach in this league. We thought about different options, but ultimately our goal was to stay with Vance."

Joseph acknowledged he made mistakes in his first season. He must coach his coaches better, a point I have discussed on numerous occasions. Joseph waited too long to assert control over the game plan, and it backfired with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Joseph said he should have addressed the offensive philosophy earlier, stressing the team run the ball. Joseph retained offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave and defensive coordinator Joe Woods, and will add six assistant coaches. Ben McAdoo, whom Joseph praised while coaching with him in San Francisco, is among the candidates for the quarterbacks coach position. 

"Early on," Joseph said of the dismissed staff. "I know I need to do better.", I didn't do a good job of pushing the coaches. It was time to change the culture so we could get back to pushing our players

Quarterbacks dominated Monday's press conference. The Broncos,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/eli-rogers-jersey-authentic]Womens Stephon Tuitt Jersey[/url], need a starter. A good one. In a pass-happy league, if you have not realized, the Broncos ranked 25th in touchdowns through the air, while posting the second-most interceptions (22). Denver made six quarterback changes,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/]Womens Chris Boswell Jersey[/url], minus the quarterbacks, acknowledging it undermined Joseph in his first season., leading every player,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/alejandro-villanueva-jersey-authentic]Womens Alejandro Villanueva Jersey[/url], to admit any U-turn begins with consistency at that position. Elway did not disagree

"That position did not perform as well as we wanted it to and it’s not just on them. I think there’s a lot of circumstances that went into that.  Obviously a position that we feel like we have to get better at, we have to get better at that position."," Elway said. "There's no doubt we have to get better. For us to have any chance

 a new course will be established.,The season finale against the Vikings is simply the home stretch of another disappointing run. And when the team’s charter flight lands back in Chicago on Sunday evening

As the calendar flips to 2018,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/mike-mitchell-jersey-authentic]Authentic Mike Mitchell Jersey[/url], navigating a road littered with questions. So what exactly should Bears fans know as another transition begins? Here are four key dynamics to digest., the Bears inevitably will embark on change

 the page will turn.,That leaves the longtime coach with one more game to oversee and one more news conference to endure. Both will come Sunday afternoon. After that

Whether the Bears make Fox’s dismissal official Sunday night or Monday morning remains to be seen. But that’s a “when” not “if” detail within a storyline that’s leading to one obvious conclusion.

Fox led his last full practice Friday at Halas Hall and seemed accepting of his imminent departure even if he never directly acknowledged it. The Bears coach was asked what imprint he feels he has left over his three seasons in Chicago and noted the total overhaul of the roster.

” he said.,“I think a lot of the heavy lifting has been done

Fox also has been credited for helping fortify the Bears’ culture and takes pride that his teams have remained united and hard-working to the very end of three consecutive last-place seasons. That the Bears, have avoided drama and dysfunction amid all their losing is at least notable.,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/david-decastro-jersey-authentic]Womens David DeCastro Jersey[/url], for the most part

The rapid turnarounds Fox led with the Panthers and Broncos could not be replicated. Now change is ahead.

At Halas Hall, Black Monday will be far less about Fox’s exit and so much more about the vision general manager Ryan Pace has for the road ahead. Pace will address the media on New Year’s Day needing to articulate both the problems he believes the Bears have encountered in getting their turnaround accelerated and, far more importantly, the solutions he sees to fix things.

 his fingerprints are also on that 14-33 record. So Pace must take ownership of those failures even as he projects confidence in a master plan to reverse the organization’s fortunes.,The 40-year-old GM will have to strike a measured tone. After all

Pace will have to explain the Bears’ ongoing injury woes and answer for a lengthy list of significant misses in free agency. He also will have to highlight the building blocks he has put in place.

The GM’s message Monday can’t be misconstrued as some sort of be-all, end-all sermon. But it will matter, with Fox out of the way, a tone-setting address for a pivotal 2018 that will begin with a coaching search. Pace must convey carefully why his vision should be trusted with a full understanding that, the avalanche of criticism is headed his way next.

Hours after the NFL cut his two-game suspension in half, the ensuing brawl with the Broncos and how the league justified the original punishment. He didn't hold back., the Raiders wide receiver opened up about the incident with Aqib Talib

"The league said it was premeditated on my part. You know what premeditated is? When you say you're going to do something, do it, and then laugh about it with the media after the game. Like he did last year. That's all on him. I'm not trying to get revenge. I'm trying to get a catch in my 122nd straight game and help my team win a big game. I don't want to get kicked out. I know what's at stake for my team," 

 Crabtree doesn't feel that was good enough.,While appeals officer Derrick Brooks reduced his suspension to one game

" Crabtree told the publication.,"I was looking forward to no games. But there is nothing I can do about tha

What's Talib's problem with Crabtree? The Raiders wide receiver has no idea.

"'C'mon bro," Crabtree said., we playing ball or what?' I don't have anything to do with that. I don't have a problem with him. I can't figure it out. It's all him

Stability and consistency at quarterback were among the primary issues for the Broncos this season, Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler all started games behind center. The Broncos' eight-game losing streak from Oct. 15 to Dec. 3 was their longest since 1967; six of those losses were by double digits and four by at least 20 points., as quarterback Trevor Siemian

But the team's most prominent players, including captains Von Miller and Aqib Talib, Siemian, had consistently backed Joseph during the team's struggles, cornerback Chris Harris Jr. and linebacker Brandon Marshall, which included an eight-game losing streak.

If they decide to fire him,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/]Authentic Chris Boswell Jersey[/url], Joseph, would become the first non-interim coach in franchise history to last only one season. Should the Broncos part ways with Joseph, 45,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/alejandro-villanueva-jersey-authentic]Authentic Alejandro Villanueva Jersey[/url], general manager John Elway will conduct his fourth head coach search in his seven seasons on the job.

Joseph,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/jordan-berry-jersey-authentic]Womens Jordan Berry Jersey[/url], replaced Gary Kubiak a year ago when Kubiak stepped away from coaching because of health concerns., the team's first African-American head coach

 who was fired in November amid an eight-game losing streak. Davidson also worked under McCoy in San Diego in 2016 and was McCoy’s boss when Davidson was the Panthers offensive coordinator a decade ago.,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/jordan-berry-jersey-authentic]Authentic Jordan Berry Jersey[/url],Davidson joined the team in 2016 along with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy

 those ties make it unsurprising that the Broncos would move forward with Bill Musgrave as offensive coordinator.,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/mike-mitchell-jersey-authentic]Womens Mike Mitchell Jersey[/url],Although the Broncos did better running the ball than they did in 2016

The Chiefs travel to Denver to wrap up their regular season in an exhibition-like game against the Broncos.

 so this will be a meaningless game in terms of playoff positioning.,Kansas City has clinched the AFC West as well has the No. 4 seed in the AFC

This will, be an important game for young players and backups who don’t normally see a lot of playing time. Coach Andy Reid said he will sub in the backups and rest key starters., however

 as it will be a road game against what is still a very good Broncos defense.,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/david-decastro-jersey-authentic]Authentic David DeCastro Jersey[/url],The big news here is obviously the debut of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs fans have eagerly anticipated this moment since he was drafted in April. He will be the first quarterback drafted by K.C. in the first round to start a game since 1983. It will be a tough challenge for Mahomes

 they weren’t able to build off the hot start as they have won just two games since.,This is a season to forget for the Broncos. They had aspirations of challenging for the division title or at the least making the playoffs and those expectations grew even more after a 3-1 start. Unfortunately

 but the offense didn’t make things easy for them. That has basically been the story of the Broncos’ season.,When the Chiefs beat the Broncos in Week 8 it was the third of what would eventually become eight losses in a row for Denver. The defense surrendered an average of 30 points per game over that stretch

It starts with the revolving door of bad to mediocre quarterback play. Trevor Siemian, which is second worst in the NFL. The three have a combined quarterback rating of just 61.4.,[url=http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/ramon-foster-jersey-authentic]Authentic Ramon Foster Jersey[/url], Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch have not been able to stabilize that position due to poor play and injuries. They have combined for 20 interceptions thrown

 tied for 13th-best in the NFL. Running back C.J. Anderson is still their workhorse with 227 carries and 4.2 yards per carry on the season.,The Broncos have a middle-of-the-pack rushing offense